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  1. Would you at all be interested in the CYMA MP5K? Almost completely metal, besides the hand grip/lower receiver. Uses a V3 gearbox, which is pretty much the most upgradeable. P.S From what I know, barrel length will not affect accuracy/range as much as you may think. A tightbore MP5k will outperform an equally powerful standard bore M4 barrel. Source: Own the CYMA MP5K. Most solid gun I've ever owned. Now use as primary.
  2. Yep, side "#2" as you called it is unscrewed as well. In total, I have 4 screws and a latch out. If you haven't yet, watch the video I posted. I followed exactly as he told me to do, and it won't move
  3. Thanks for the disassembly guide, its nice. I don't know what you mean by "size ruller" and "plate bottom". Could you specify? As far as I can tell from the video in my post, I've gotten everything he's said. Here's another pic:
  4. So, recently I purchased THIS rifle. Because Evike decided to be a bunch of meanies, the original hopup screw was missing, and they wouldn't do anything about it. So, I was forced to purchase a new hopup (which I was going to do anyways) and needed a guide on how to do it. I watched All went well in the disassembly process until I needed to remove the barrel assembly from the gun (at 4:55 in the video). No matter how hard I pull, it just won't budge! I've confirmed that there are no screws still holding it intact, but it still won't come out. I've had this gun for almost a month and still haven't been able to fire it once due to this stupid thing. Please help a brosofter out, you're my only hope!
  5. Exactly as the title suggests, I'm trying to find the new version of this gun. As far as I can tell, the only way to tell that its the new JG model is by a trademark thingy on the upper receiver like so: The picture show that specific logo unlike any other that I've seen, suggesting that it is indeed a new model. It is from one of Jarek4's videos. The video is from 2012, which is closer than the original release date of the JG Skorpion. The video is here. Also, here's a cached view of Airsoft Megastore : Click Here I had to post a cached page of Airsoft Megastore because the gun doesn't seem to be there anymore, though I last checked on the 23rd Please help me find another place to buy thist. I was really looking forward to purchasing it as soon as I got home from a trip (which was yesterday). Tl;dr : Need to find a site with a new version of the JG Skorpion, can only tell from the trademark thingy.
  6. Go to a site called airsoftpro.cz They have upgrade parts and such for the A&K Dragunov. While you are there, I'd buy their Hop-up, too.
  7. If it is still the stock Hop-up, I would recommend upgrading it through replacing it with a new one. This will solve your problem, and make your rifle more accurate. Search for a decent Hop-up on Evike.com, and get this bucking: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=28917
  8. My rates are $500 a day, $200 for each target. That is, if you're looking for a sniper. I think you may be looking for a sniper rifle. Just wanted to let you know before you post some more threads regarding "Snipers" as rifles
  9. If you don't mind Co2 (like me), then I would look at the WinGun 1911 It's a very high quality pistol for the price, and shoots close to >400 (might be a con, but you can lower the fps by shooting 10 times with a new co2. which will lower the fps) A pro for the high fps is that it has outranged about every single pistol I've seen, and your not able to dodge the bbs as they fly The gun is $60 HERE Have fun, and happy shopping!!!
  10. Please provide a price range. If your willing to spend $200 or so, you'll have a lot to choose from! Look at the following: Aug with rail This gun is already upgraded internally and externally to be a beast in a woodland environment. Not to mention its smooth, futuristic design. I drooled for it at one point, then it went out of stock :( COULD NOT FIND A LINK!!! On whatever site that you use, search up "SCAR" or "MK16". They have a very nice build and can be just as upgrade-able as an M4. I as well drooled on one until it as well went out of stock :,( FN2000 This is a variant of what looks like a P90 and an M4. Again, has smooth build and looks sexy with the curves. Lolz, but again, I drooled until a cheaper one went out of stock (I should probably stop drooling) Other than those guns, I would just go on Evike or Airsoft GI and scroll through some of the guns available. You'll find something that you like
  11. Just a few days ago I'd hosted an airsoft game. After about 3-4 rounds later, I was out of ammo for my P90. I didn't feel like going all of the way back to my supply in-between the match, so I decided to just to use my CO2 Pistol. About 5 minutes into the match, I'd realized that maybe using only the CO2 Pistol was probably not the best idea in the world, seeing as that my partner only had a cheapo springer. Besides that, we were pinned down by an AEG gunman while someone was flanking to our left with a not too shabby shotgun. Finally, I decided to balls up. Using my amazing leadership skills, I told my bud to pop off a few shots at the AEG guy while I'd run off to counteract the flanking move (which, in my opinion, was the best idea ever) We began the move on the count of 3, and I was off. Luckily, the AEG gunman had decided to move from his position, so I didn't have to worry about him. During this, the flanker was settling into a bend behind a fallen tree. I was now behind a tree about 75 feet from the flanker. Again, I decided I needed to balls up, and sprinted towards him with my pistol wielded one-handed. He was so surprised by the attack while he was hunkering down that he only got 2 shots of, both striking trees behind me. When I was 15 feet away, he had his hands in the air with the shotgun, as he coward in fear of my pistol. I proceeded to say "BANG, BANG", and that's when I knew that this was going well. In my new position, I began flanking around the AEG guy, as he concentrated his fire on my partner, who seemed disappointed with his position. Then I realized that he had no idea where I was. I began making a huge sweep around to attack him from behind, and when I had finally found my place behind him, I spun out and got 2 shots into his back. Moral of the story is... It's not the weapon that judges that victor, it is the soldier
  12. I would check out the new motor. If one circuit is off, then the entire assembly won't function. Examine the wiring as much as possible. I'm sure someone was eventually going to say it, but "Is it your battery?" How hot you running it? Otherwise, Bonne Chance!!!
  13. One thing that's getting on my nerves is that if I do buy the CYMA mp5k than I'm buying a secondary that cost more than my primary Though I may have been a little cheap... and I've already added exactly $135 in new parts, barrels, and other fun stuff, making it worth $255 I guess my only problem with the CYMA version is how much it will weigh, as I have no idea. I don't want to sacrifice performance for the Galaxy, but I also don't want to sacrifice speed/ energy for the CYMA.
  14. I looked up stuff :P It doesn't appear that the internals are that much better, but the full metal is really alluring *drools* IDK, I like my money, but I like my guns... Which would you guys prefer for a secondary... or primary for CQB?
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