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  1. True, it was most likely pot metal, but still a pot metal gearbox is better than those plastic ones.
  2. Aren't there more than one Crosman pulse guns? I know some are better than others, and I know someone that hase some pulse ak-74, and even though it is cheap and probably low quality, it felt like it was made of metal.
  3. I guess the super9 could be up there, they are rip-offs and don't perform a thing like airsoft sniper rifles. A few other bad items I heard are the Marushin 1892 and the Hudson Mad Max. I know a lot of the 1892's run from $250-$500+, and I have never used either of these guns, but no gun at that price should be so unreliable. I have heard about the winchester developing leaks and the Mad Max has bad shells. I know they aren't meant for skirmishes, but I'm not going to pay $300 for a gun that is unreliable. Then there are the crosman AEG's, I know they aren't the worst, but a lot of Crosman guns are considered garbage, and the decent ones are overpriced. I'd rather spend $30 less on a TM compatable JG or DE ak than a Crosman AEG. I know a lot of their airguns are very rugged, but anything they make is either overpriced and generally mediocre, or mostly plastic.
  4. Well, what would you consider the worst guns ever made in airsoft, whether it is because of bad pricing, performance, or it is just plain horrible. I think this one goes without saying: http://www.hobbytron.com/SpringPistolZX337306380381.html Heck, I actually would like to make a review of it someday, that would be funny. after all, it has: •Durable ABS Plastic Construction •Spring Dependability •Shiny Antique Finish
  5. Hahaha that must have been some tough toddler, I think he meant three people.
  6. I picked other, because I usually carry around a shotgun, but I really love using my KTW Winchester.
  7. What I personally dislike are the middle school CoD players. They end up buying clone snipers and co2 pistols, and it ticks me off. I was having a battle with some kids on private property, and sometimes they would charge at me with wooden or rubber training knives and I'd just shoot them. Because of that, they came up with a rule that it takes 5 shots to kill, and don't get me started on the paintjobs.
  8. I agree. It reminds me of how gun violence caused by confused teens and morons can cause an effect. Alot of politicians create gun bans, and it is all because an idiot is given a dangerous object. Come to think about it, almost all (if not all) firearms used in intentional crimes are illegal, and these criminals are ruining the reputation and restricting us law abiding citizens. Back to the point, I remember seeing a group of teenagers, somewhere in middleschool or early high-school playing paintball and airsoft in the creek near my house. It ticks me off to see that. At first, I thought no one would see it, but they were on the playgrounds and shooting at each other through the park. Back to the pellet gun thing, my dad's breakbarrel shot through an oil drum that was made into a firepit, and I see parents purchase kids these. Unless they are going to a shooting range, they shouldn't have them. I'd hate to see a kid get seriously hurt because he was playing with his "toy." I really hate clearsoft.
  9. I personally hate Wal-Mart garbage for several specific reasons. First of all, the cheap "airsoft" guns are ripping off little kids. They are also ruining the reputation of airsoft. Another thing is that usually paintballers look down on airsofters because they see these guns. I've been told by a 6th grader that airsofters are poor, they can't afford paintball, and they are posers because they try to act like they have real guns. I find it ironic for the fact that airsoft actually came before paintball. I know a lot of people that were in the marines that play airsoft also. Another thing is that when these people see these clear guns next to $400 paintball guns, they say airsoft is unrealistic and it has bad accuracy. I know that there are some realistic paintball markers, but if anyone thinks that paintball overall "is more realistic than airsoft and always was" is ignorant and is likely an idiot, I don't want to even explain the many reasons. Paintball shouldn't be as realistic as airsoft. Airsoft guns are, and always were meant to be realistic. Paintball guns are not meant to be realistic, unless you want to get into milsim (in which I think airsoft is a better choice for that). Another thing is that I have seen parents buy their kids pellet guns. I am not talking about those red ryders or pumpmasters, or any other cheap youth BB gun. I am talking about those 600-1000 fps pellet guns people would hunt birds with. Pellet guns are not toys, they are extremely dangerous at close range, and kids should not be using them, especially in the back yard. I know that a shot in the chest could quickly kill someone, so why don't these parents just buy their kids .22's and birdshot while they are at it. Anyone under 10 should only use Nerf guns, period.
  10. I know that metal and wood airsoft guns aren't too hard to age, but I'm not sure how to get a good aged look from a gun made of abs. Aged guns are generally more realistic, especially if they have wood furniture. I think airsoft guns look very fake if they are in perfect condition. I'm not talking about giving a gun a completely corroded an old look, but just something that shows signs of use and bears some battle scars. I've been thinking of using silver sharpie on my airsoft m3 shotgun, because the externals are mostly plastic. I'm not sure if it will look good though.
  11. That would be funny. Either way, I might go to an airsoft course with some clear gun or some really bad cyma springer like the ones you'd see at hobbytron and I'll be dressed like this: http://www.amazon.com/Boys-Dress-Up-Soldie...t/dp/B002GCIOTE That would be amazingly funny.
  12. Eh, a gameface M4 isn't that bad. Aren't they almost $200 anyways? What I'd do is get one of these: http://www.amazon.com/SoftAir-Defender-Ele...e/dp/B001KN31ES and then put in a Ver 2 gearbox heck, a vortex gun would be better, and when my enemies laugh at me, I spray a plastic storm of doom out of my true "Defender of World Peace."
  13. People have said that all the time to me, mainly paintballers. Other people I know say that it is immature or messed up to play airsoft. I also remember seeing someone declare airsoft sucks with a comparison between a Wal-mart clear LPEG and Planet Eclipse Ego9. Another thing is that whenever I'd see an airsoft video, there always is some little brat that says "Get a real gun you airsoft newbie." Well, I know that most likely the person themselves don't own a firearm, and I know for a fact, most people that are involved with real airsoft own guns or have fired time(and not some wimpy pellet gun, or cheap .22 or handgun), including me.
  14. Laoch, it isn't that bad. Playing baseball at the park across the street without any uniform is still considered baseball. Driving a $300 junky car at the county fair race track is still considered racing. If someone wants to just have a little plinking gun or have fun with friends, that is fine; I think the main problem is that people misinterpret what airsoft is. Frankly, airsoft is very controversial and generally shunned by most people. Everyone knows what baseball is and racing is, so no matter what happens, people will still think of it as a professional sport. I'll admit that when I was younger, I thought those clear guns were "cool," and backyard airsofting was okay. Luckily I matured and realized that a clear airsoft gun in a real airsoft war is like having those cheap $3 disposable cameras for professional photography. Bad airsoft guns harm the sport, but without them, I'm sure there would be less people playing. Not everyone can afford $200 to spend on a gun that shoots plastic pellets, especially a kid. I suggest that people should be a certain age to play, if they are too young, they can wait and save up for a good gun instead of wasting money of garbage that will keep on breaking.
  15. Haha, this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km3eBNoaVZY...feature=related Listen to what he says at 0:26. Little kids shouldn't be using airsoft guns, and the transclucent plastic makes it look like a toy. I wonder if people at Crosman, Cybergun, etc... are laughing their off when they see these. I mean, I understand that cheap airsoft guns are being just for the money and to scam kids, but it is honestly pathetic if anyone considers these abyssimal junk piles to be good. The bad thing is that these give airsoft a bad reputation. Parents will think of it as toys and kids playing around in their backyard. I've also rarely seen people have a serious skirmish with them. I guess you shouldn't judge someone by their equipment, but (in my opinion) most, if not all LPEG's are ripoffs.
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