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    Norfolk, Virginia
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    As you have already established I love airsoft.
    My other main hobbies are golf ( which im really good at) and playing football with friends on the weekend.
    I go to college at Old Dominion Univeristy and try to play airsoft as much as possible at Ballahack Airsoft ( AVG: of 120 people every saturday)

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    Ares VZ58 G&P M4 Cyma AK47(with m4 front end) Lancer Tactical AK74U Double Eagle Tri-Shot Shotgun Elite Force 1911 CO2
  1. I am parting out the box. The chicom rig, vert grip and ak style m4 mag are being part out PENDING FUNDS. new prices for the box will be $ 40 when that stuff sells
  2. Sorry for the early Bump just setting a timetable for my daily bumps
  3. Rules No Trades for now Paypal Only Only thing that can be sold outside of U.S. is my patches (for $6) Buy my Stuff :) Cyma 1911 AEP $55 shipped Comes with original box, 1 30 rnd. Mag, battery charger and speedloader About 500 bbs shot through it, Works like a champ Adjustable hop up , 190 fps with .2 bbs, accurate out to 65 feet EASILY $65 Parts/accessories box (everything listed below is included in box) - Chicom chest rig - aep charger - lower faceguard - Standard vert grip - Modded m4 carrying handle (just rear sight) - MAG brand mp5 midcap - mp5 handguard - S-thunder replacement core - used G&g hopup - 2 slings - LE style stock - 2 Watchalewknat Patches - dropleg holster (digital woodland) - 2 Sets of M4 handguards - ak style m4 mag - waffle style ak hicap (missing trap door on top - 1 right hand fingerless rothco glove - standard tamiya charger - mesh glasses - m14 flash hider Cyma ak tactical front end $35 shipped - Like new condition, took it off the cyma ak the second I bought it to convert it to a ak/m4 hybrid
  4. Ok guys so this is the thread to post your battle belt rigs on. Feel free to post any belt rig you have big and small. For now my First line Belt rig is based off the High Speed Gear Industries "SGPB" or the Sure Grip Padded Belt. The belt itself ran through the SGPB is a Condor Duty Belt (CDB) with aftermarket buckle. Attachments 3 o clock: Double Blue force gear mag pouch (Multi-cam) 4 o clock: Condor OD Mag Pouch (I use for holding my we 1911 until I get a g code) 7 o clock: Condor OD EMT Pouch (Holds my dead rag and bbs) 9 o clock: three Multi-cam elastic retained mag pouches (unknown brand) TMC Dump Pouch (attached via para-cord on CDB under mag pouches)
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