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  1. Hey guys My gun (JG AK 47 Tactical) will not feed the bbs all the time. I cleaned it out and I checked all the parts and they're all ok. For it to feed I have it move the magazine around. Thanks in advance P.S. This is the same gun I have problems with last time but this problem is not linked to the preveous ones.
  2. Hey I need help I have a UHC Super 9 Pro and a JG AK47 Tactical The Super 9 Pro has a broken hop-up and I cant find a replacement hop-up on any websites. the AK47's cylender was made of a cheap plastic and so the teeth were shreaded so I bought a new one, while I was putting the new cylender in it the spring guide (also made of cheap plastic) broke, replacing it is not a problem but Ive had the Gearbox in piece's for so long I cant remember how to put it back together, I just need a couple of pictures of the inside of a gearbox where averything is still where it's supposed to be any help will be appreciated thanks
  3. Hey guys im looking for a sniper rifle for my sister. She has seen a Dragonov model and she really likes the look of it. she would perfer a gun that: is easy to :censored2: has a long barrel a short stock spring powered Price: up to $150 She says thanks
  4. Definitely TM. Japan has a very strict rule where all airsoft guns must shoot under 1J, and so you are limited to under 328 FPS with a .2g BB. Besides that, the TM will last you longer and most likely have the better range. Shadow- If you REALLY are determined on a sniper rifle then I would suggest UTG, (I don't have a whole lot of experience though) but under 150 an electric replica will give you the better effectiveness. >Messinator< Thanks. I already own an automatic but unfortunetly it has a defecteve mechbox and it would cost me the same to repair it as it would to buy another rifle. I am looking for a sniper with a pistol grip and the two that I picked were the only ones that I saw had good reviews. Would you mind posting a link of what gun I should get? Capt. Shadow
  5. Hey guys I'm trying to find a sniper rifle and I'm tied between these two CYMA M187 (My cousins has this rifle and it is pretty much silent and has a good range) WELL MB10 If y'all know of a better sniper rifle with a price no higher than $150 it will be very helpfull. Thanks
  6. I'm good at all rolls, I have the patients and aim of a sniper, Ihave the quick wit of an assultist, I am able to see the advantages of each battlefield and I am a excellent tactician.
  7. I have the JG AK47 tatical it was a good gun but now it is making a wierd sound and it wont shoot, its not jammed and the battery is fully charged. Can somone help
  8. Well I got the JG AK47 Tactical and its very good but for some reson its not firing, its not jamed and the battery is fully charged, can somone help me.
  9. I just got the Jing Gong AK47 tactical and it is awsome, I sugest this to anyone looking for a AEG.
  10. Mine was around 150-200. Its a cheap Double Eagle uzi, it broke, I fixed it and now it broke again.
  11. Thanks im not to good at finding guns.
  12. the thing is im looking for a sniper with a pistol grip(because my hand loses blood circulation), scope and a bipod for around $100. Do you know if air rattle is a trusting website?
  13. I know that the Description says that bi-pod and scope not included but I saw the gun on monsterairsoft and in a vid on youtube and the gun had a scope and bi-pod
  14. I looked around and I think im going to get the CYMA M187A Sniper Rifle but I need to know if it already comes with a scope and bi-pod or would I need to get them seperately.here's a link
  15. I am trying to find a good aeg thats no more than $100. I am only able to buy off of airplat.com and the gun I was looking at is out of stock (BE steyr).
  16. do you know of any good aeg's that are no more than $160
  17. The gun is the JG BAR-10 sniper rifle and the ammo is most likely 0.2 gram.
  18. thanks. whats the range on the Bar 10? do you know if that MK43 M60 (on the side bar) is any good?
  19. I'm looking at two gunsand I need to know whick one I should get. The first one is the WELL MB05 and the second is the Palco FAMAS
  20. don't buy the Crosman Pulse R71. it's mag is a battery, its gravity fed and it dosn't shoot far. I got it for crhistmas and it stinks, it only shoots about 15 feet and my friends got it too and theres do the same. I say its a waste of fourty dollers.
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