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  1. Odin_

    Army SF Impression

    I've sold many JPCs on Facebook.
  2. Odin_

    Army SF Impression

    Crye Precision JPC Multicam/Medium Jumbo US Flag Patch PIG BRIG Shoulder Pads Crye Precision JPC MBITR Pouch Tyr Tactical Small Utility Pouch Tyr Tactical Micro-SOF IFAK Apto Gear Double Magazine Pouch Apto Gear Suppressor Pouch Ferro Concepts Assault Back Panel CAT/Trauma Shears TMC Airframe Team Wendy ZAP Pads Ops-Core H-Nape S/M Crye Precision Airframe Rails Crye Precision Airframe Helmet Cover Medium Wilcox L4 Three Hole Shroud Princeton Tec Charge Pro Contour ROAM2 w/ Ops-Core Contour ARC Rail Mount ExplosiveOps Gear Battery/Admin Pouch FMA L4G24 FMA Manta Strobe
  3. Odin_

    Army SF Impression

    Been working on getting kit that works for several impressions. Current condition of the AirFrame: And a new reference image for Army SF impression: Here's a helmet I put together inspired by Inside Combat Rescue: And finally, I did sell most of my high-end stuff at the beginning of the year, but I bought it all new again: Cheers, Ex
  4. Hey guys, I thought I would have had more time to order a set from JK Army, but they're out of stock in size Small. According to FFI, they have no plans to produce another batch, so they're effectively discontinued. I'm hoping someone on here has a set or knows someone with one to sell. I'm looking for a set in size Small. Will also consider the Extra Small set. Any help in tracking down a set will be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  5. Odin_

    VFC MK18 MOD 1

    Another update to the MK18: Hammers 1-4x20 Short Dot Daniel Defense QD Swivel Rail Mount Emdom-MM Gunslinger Sling -Ex
  6. Odin_

    Army SF Impression

    Small update for now. I won't have another update for awhile as I am on the green-based team for Op: End State coming in March. That means I pretty much have to buy all new kit. Cheers, Ex