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  1. We are looking to build members, as our numbers are thin. Specifically, dedicated team mates, who either own better-than stock or are willing to be taught. Any age, gender, or skill level. We have several forested venues, but are actively searching for an indoor site. Joule limit is up to four, with anything higher than 2.5 hard-locked to semi. MED is enforced for all power above 1.5 joules, training required and demonstrate knowledge of safe distance. We are adamant enthusiasts that love this sport, so to help anyone get started, we have spare gear and rentals (cost of BBs only). In addition, we have several starter to advanced guns for sale. We can even teach you to tech! We want anyone and everyone to come out and play. We're hoping for at least one adult with a bit of spare income. I'm Christoph, go by Goose because every game something horrible happens to my neck (a joke for old airsofters); plus, it's really fun to scream. There two other captains, Wallowa Airsoft's co-founder SnarkAngel, and Greek whose separate team we absorbed. We field about eight people per game, and it's really sad. Call, text, IM, find us on Facebook, or reply here.
  2. Sorry for the necro, but are any of you guys still around? I'm in Wallowa County, very close.
  3. Thank you for correcting me. I'm wondering, was the PARA version ever intended to have a battery stored internally? I can't find a large enough space for any sized battery in this thing. I'm looking at my box mags in just a second to see if I just so happened to receive the model that comes ready to accomodate a battery without modifications. I thank you for your opinion on MOSFETS, and after some research you're not alone in your distrust of commercially made products. Would you, however, humor me and explain something? I have reduced dexterity in one hand from a brain trauma. I'm fine, really, but the hand is really only good for picking up and holding things. This KIT here seems to have some kind of adapter or harness. I can't fit the puzzle, where does it go? Around the motor? I'm meaning specifically the plastic bit. I'm thinking, if I buy the MOSFET from your recommended site, and use part of the other kit for the adapter/harness...maybe I could save myself some soldering and extra work. The wires look like crap, so I'd probably replace it all. Anyways, if you have any idea how it plugs in and works, that would be great...and if I'd need the "front" or "rear" version. I'll take your other advice to heart, and hop that nozzle works without modification. THANKS. Oi, screw it. Both my box magazines will accept my NiCads, I just have to modify the side. Not worth the trouble, not when I can drill a hole and save $100 on a unnecessary modification. My other questions are still relevant, regarding non-battery upgrades. I think I love the version II gearbox. I've struggled with the III for years, and am sick and tired of the spring exploding! NO MORE! YAY! Point being, I pulled the spring...I didn't have time to get into the gearbox again. It's black. It has no markings. I'm guessing I know the answer, but does anyone know what the power of the spring is, or how I could find out? Still looking for more opinions for the following brands: Air nozzle Piston Bearings Spring (a 110 and 120 version, might as well, they're so easy to change) Bucking Whatever else might need to be replaced due to wear and tear. THANKS.
  4. Awesome reply, thank you. Realistically I'd like to keep all of my internal upgrades below $150, and from what you've told me I seem to have some change. I'm really looking to actually fill the role of support, something along the lines of entering the field with the trigger on and not letting go. Regardless of what I should or shouldn't replace, what could I replace that would add durability/longevity and power? As far as the cylinder, you're wrong...unless of course you mean my airsoft rifle cylinder. For some reason I was thinking about my car (master brake cylinder just died)... I meant to say, piston. DERP. Sorry. Some confusion about the barrel. I mean an overall upgrade for it, as the barrel is stock; I've had tightbores before and the difference is night and day - I'll never go back to sloppy stock. I'll give this R-Hop thing some thought. Just from looking, I assume I know where it belongs...interesting concept. Without the R-Hop, I was looking at this : bucking. Can you endorse this, or recommend something better? How about this for bushings? BUSH (gross) What I meant to say is that the original owner prepaid and waited for this model before it was released. Ergo, it's not just old but supposedly original. I'm looking at this: nozzle. Again, can you recommend this or something else? I'm seeing a common theme that these nozzles are all too long. I don't really want to buy one just to modify it, as that's effort plus you're fundamentally changing the dynamics of airflow by messing with the taper. For a barrel, I'm eyeing this: barrel. I'm looking at pistons and heads, I'm not really sure what to look for - it looks like some are proprietary to my gearbox too (version two). Any ideas? Epic MOSFET: MOSFET. Do I need the front type, or rear type? Why? For the specific motor I have, do you recommend a discharge rate of 15 or 20C? Okay, I really think I've asked myself out now. Thank you for attempting to help me!
  5. I posted in the other forum for regular AEGs. I realized my mistake, as I'm asking about upgrades...so if I can figure out how to delete posts, or have a moderator help me out, that would be great. I bought the above M249, used, from my friend. He isn't the original owner, nor the previous. There's lots of margin error, but I've been told this was a preorder...it's never been opened, never been serviced, never had any problems. It still fires, and does so well. The BBs tend to fly to the same side the air nozzle has a crack on, and the hopup is gone - more on this later - but for an LMG that's never been maintained I'm amazed it works at all. Is there someone who can help me compile a list, and teach me what to look for so I can be independent? My hopup bucking is toast. I pulled it out and saw the nub had broken a hole through the rubber. I need an air nozzle, the edge is chipped. My bushings are dead, was interested to hear what the opinion may be on these I've seen with bearings. Tightbore (middling diameter). Anything else that usually needs upgrading, I bet the cylinder is pretty sad. Still looking at LiPos. Will a 7.4V 20C battery require a MOSFET and voltage sensor? ugly paint job, but that I can fix. Maybe a tune-up kit, for everything (minus battery and barrel obviously). I'd like 400 FPS realistically. I'm no stranger to working on these toys. I've been repairing them for my friends since high school. I'm not familiar with this hopup unit, nor have I ever peered inside this version of gearbox. I'd order today if I can get some help. Thanks!!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm back, and I won my M249. When it's lighter, I'll take some photos for everyone; I'll also delve inside and assess the internals. I don't know what my friend was thinking when he painted it, but the olive drab spray combined with laziness really really made this poor thing pretty damn ugly - you'll see what I mean. For now I have questions. This is the paratrooper version, and after taking off the outer barrel, I can't help but notice that there is no room whatsoever for a battery anywhere. It looks like there was a conversion from a small to large type battery, as made apparent by the new large connector adapter location; where the original plug is there seems to be zero room. I'm not tolerating a huge ugly battery in a huge ugly nylon battery back. I want that battery inside where it belongs, out of sight and out of mind. The first thing that comes to mind is a LIPO, but I'm really confused on this topic. Even a small battery, WTS does it go? I keep hearing that these batteries explode if overcharged, rapidly discharged, but that's pretty common sense right? What's this about draining them below three volts, and having them explode? I can't find anything about voltage regulators made for airsoft, unless of course they aren't? Does anyone have spare parts, even ugly ones, for the body? I don't relish the idea of repainting a plastic heat spreader, or trying to clean up the sights. I'll leave you with this. This beast is damn heavy, forget trying to level the sights without a vertical foregrip. Better to shoot from the hip, lay down, or try inventing warp drive (yes obviously some workouts might assist too). Thanks everyone!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I was reading somewhere, and I'm happy to be wrong, that a lot of M4 parts are compatible with the M249...otherwise I haven't been able to find many spare parts at all - as you said. I understand that there are several different types of gearboxes. Does the M249 have a proprietary type? Must I look for certain gears for that box, or are they universal? Is it odd that the current owner claims the hop-up works just fine, even though it's never been serviced?
  8. Hello and thank you for reading. I'm almost 27 today, the last time I actually went airsofting was for my 17th birthday...or maybe 16th. It's been awhile. I'm getting back into the sport with some help from my friends. I tried actually about a year ago, but had *all* my gear stolen from my vehicle; those Portland tweakers are *not* to be trusted with shiny cars. I'm receiving the aforementioned Classic Army M249 Para. It's used. Supposedly in great shape, except the cosmetic damage, crappy paint job, four years old without a tuneup...supposedly has aftermarket upgrades...never been cleaned, magazines don't feed, battery won't hold a charge... So on. Yes, I'm getting it for a steal. I really want a project, something to call my own; this seems like it will consume *many* an hour. Does anyone have any input for this brand and make? Comments on quirks, maybe feedback on performance? I'm concerned for how old it is, without ever once being stripped for inspection and maintenance. Also, what kind of upgrades it received, if the gears are original and if they're holding up with that spring. Can anyone help me with identifying aftermarket parts? I don't have another M249 for comparison, nor have I ever owned a Classic Army anything - I've been a Tokyo Marui fanboy. I'm fine with mechanics. I've only ever worked on my TM SIG 552 and the brand new TM AUG (that was stolen!), but small machines like this have never been daunting. Anyways, any and all help would be very appreciated. Especially help identifying aftermarket parts. I should have this within a few weeks, kind of excited for a project - repair bill and all.
  9. They actually refused me entirely. Said they don't take mail-in repairs due to payment issues, liability, etc. The guy was really nice, it was just none of the things I wanted to hear. You're very kind to offer your help in the extreme case that I was unable to find a shop, but if you'd really rather not I'm okay with it. But, if your offer stands I'm very happy to take you up on it. You're going to gasp when you see the gearbox. It's like someone used some really low-quality graphite gear lube and exposed it to heat, there's nothing pretty about it. I text alot, is that okay with you for a means of communication?
  10. Yreka, California. Unfortuntely, I'm in the "real" northern California; a drive 45 minutes to the North and you reach Oregon. I've asked Prof. Google about repair shops in my area, and the truth of the matter is that there are none. There's nothing seriously wrong with my gun. It's the gearbox, whoever was in it before me did a number. There was all kinds of weird goop and other crap inside, nothing close to a normal lube job. It's one of the bushings, it siezed around a gear. You can get it off, and the shaft of the gear is fine; I just don't have the time, patience, or tools/workspace in my small apartment. You're busy, I can appreciate that. I am too. But if you could find a few minutes, or recommend someone awesome, I'd really be in your debt. Obviously, I'm not rich...I did get a used gun afterall. But, if there's some way I could make it worth your while, or whoever chooses to help me, consider it done. Thanks.
  11. Okay, I took it apart and saw the air nozzle wasn't in place correctly. It explains every problem, and I'm glad it's over with. But now I have a new problem. Can someone recommend a repair shop?
  12. My reply was terribly broken, I apologize. I am not an Anglophone by any means. I know the air nozzle is supposed to move in and out, however the concept was new to me. As you say, there is no such thing as timing concerning the gearbox. But, if agree that the gearbox uses timing to coordinate the whole mechanism to fire correctly, then I would say the rate at which the air nozzle moves is out of sync. It appears lazy, or to not move at all. Furthermore, I can pull on the nozzle with my fingers and it will not reset itself, causing me to think the spring is kaput. Now, with detail, would you consider my diagnosis correct?
  13. I bought this pistol awhile back and haven't used it for some time. I test fired it a few times, and noticed after each shot the trigger would become stuck in the back position, forcing me to pull it out to fire again. Took it apart, cleaned the internals and lubed that which required it; no change. Taking out the magazine allows the trigger to move normally, with the exception that it doesn't fire. :) Obviously the magazine is interfering with the trigger, like it's rubbing on either side. Do magazines warp over time? Or the pistol itself? I left it in its case, empty and dry. No rust, no debris. Thanks.
  14. Anyone? *edit* I was just looking at Mechbox.com and found out what my issue might be. Bad timing, or the tappet plate spring is gone. Would anyone agree this might be the issue?
  15. In fact, I can feel air coming out the magazine. I chose to assemble the barrel and gearbox without the body by just holding them together, dropping in a BB, and firing. It wasn't exact, but it was very educational. I had no idea the air nozzle itself moves with the gearbox; I've never seen a malfunctioning gearbox so I've always seen the nozzle fully extended. Anyways, I noticed the air nozzle moves in and out with each shot, and at the end of the cycle the nozzle doesn't end up fully extended. Is my gearbox out of sync? Would that cause all this?
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