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  1. Looking for a trigger spring for an M9 GBB pistol(hfc m190 series) Please PM me with offers, thanks.
  2. I ended up just getting a different v.3 gearbox. I will try all of your ideas to try and save the gearbox though. Thanks for your help everyone.
  3. What mag pouches are those in the last pic that are open top and hold G36 mags?? Thanks, and sorry for reply'ing to large post...
  4. I thought it was the screw, but you are right Auto, it is the shell hole. Could you explain the plastic screw idea more? I've always thought you had to get a new shell if this happened??? Thanks.
  5. I stripped a screw hole in my gearbox on my V.3 G36 Tokyo Marui. So I need a new shell w the screws? Anything thats not from a Mpaeg, and under $25 will be considered. Please PM me. Thanks
  6. Hi, I stripped a screw on my v.3 G36 gearbox screw(tokyo marui) I have already tried filing down a longer screw to fit, and it didn't work, so im hoping for someone to be able to give me some tips on filing screw lengths down. Or giving me the screw size I need so I can do to Home Depot. Here's a pic of the screw im missing. thanks for your help.
  7. stock g36c length is 247mm. and the sig has the same length as it.
  8. So I stripped a screw on my TM G36C and need to get some new ones. Im wondering if anyone has some on here? Thanks
  9. I still need a mag catch. I need one with a screw hole in it
  10. Please help me out, I have a working Mp5 but can't use it w/o a mag catch... Anyone have a mag catch or know if ICS catch will work?
  11. Hi, I have a tm mp5 with an echo1 upper assembly on it. The mag catch has broken on it and a need a new one. What I need to know is if an ICS mag catch will work on an echo1 body?? I cant find any mag catches besides ICS brand... Thanks for you help.
  12. I have an mp5 echo1 body that needs a mag catch. Im not sure, but I think an echo1 body is only compatible with echo1 mag catch. Thanks alot, please pm me if you have anything.
  13. Let me know when you would like to part out. I could use that g36 wiring harness.
  14. All sold, please close topic. Sorry for late reply
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