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  1. Time is running out to sign yourself or your team up for a SIM mission! Get your spot before registration closes on the 17th here: http://nemesismilsim.forumotion.com/t15-si...on-sign-up-here
  2. Nemesis Milsim Presents.. OPERATION: JUNGLE FEVER The FARC have quickly been advancing through the ranks of international peace threats since the bombing of the Columbian capital on March 12th of this year, which claimed the lives of the majority of the Columbian government officials. A furious and gory coup d’état ensued leaving a once stable and productive country in complete turmoil. Such orchestrated and swift military precision indicates the FARC are quickly becoming more organized and may have enlisted the help of an experienced leader. As a result of FARCs organized regime and aggressive militia tactics, the rebels have managed to expand their homicidal rampages and coups throughout the Central American region. Bloodshed is now being spilled over the boarders of Panama, Costa Rica, and into Nicaragua. Observing the habitual movement of the FARC moving ever closer toward the US, the NSA, CIA, and State Department in conjunction with ICE, DEA and local Central American governments pleading for help from the US, have made an attempt to form a theoretical blockade to thwart the continuous migration of the FARC towards the US. Honduras and El Salvador have enlisted the help of all corroborating government agencies to step up the presence of law enforcement to both deter FARC from entering their countries and to provide peace of mind for the citizens in the surrounding towns. After a joint press conference between President Obama and leaders from Honduras and El Salvador the United States’ commitment to the stability of each of the Central American countries remains a priority. President Obama later went on to state, “We will not stand by the wayside and wait for the bloodshed to be brought to our country. We must act now to support those who cannot defend themselves from such a violent and crazed group who are bent on death and destruction of democracy.” President Obama did not comment on US special forces teams being deployed in Central American countries but did make it clear that the United States would offer appropriate help to the Honduran and Salvadoran governments ensure the safety of its citizens. SCENARIO: US government agencies have already been deployed to the area to assist in training the local governments to handle the developing threat and increase law enforcement presence in the major cities. ICE and DEA agents have been embedded in the area for over two months now and are reporting that there is a notable increase in FARC scout activity in the outlying hills and villages, which is a trademark sign they are preparing to make another hostile government takeover. SOF Quick reaction forces are on alert and can have boots on the ground within 40 minutes. The position of the United States remains the same; protect those who cannot protect themselves and prevent turbulence within local governments. PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: Expel the FARC threat from the AO Maintain safety of local population Obtain any intel on unknown FARC leader, Callsign: Jackal SECONDARY AND OBJECTIVES OF OPPORTUNITY: CLASSIFIED For those who may not be able to read it FPS restrictions are: Bolt Actions:550 (100ft min engagement) Permanent Semiauto:450 (60ft min engagement) Automatic: 400 (10ft min engagement) Uniform restrictions are: FARC: Full Green or Green top with Blue Jeans USSOF: Full Tan or Black top with Tan pants (Multicam and ACU will be tan) NO GHILLIE SUITS LIMIT OF 1 HI-CAP ALLOWED ON FIELD AT A TIME, UNLIMITED MID/REAL CAPS UNDER 200rds EACH Join the event page on facebook for more rules, regulations, and updates: HERE
  3. Less than a week until game time! Make sure you get your spot!
  4. Photos and videos are in the links I posted above. We will be releasing a walk through video in the next couple weeks. -0
  5. Yes that would be fine. Hope to see you there! -0
  6. You can preregister at the link below! Make sure to PRINT your ticket and bring it to the event! This is the only way you will get a sure slot at the game! After 50 tickets sell out, the game will close and we will turn people away! http://silentshepherd.eventbrite.com/# (Please Note: we are only charging the 20$ ticket price, all other fees are from the ticket stub company and tax). -0
  7. Here are some rough videos and pictures of the field. It is a newer forest-type field with lots of paths as well as different styles of bunkers, walls, and broken-down vehicles like a box truck with cutouts to shoot from inside. There are also 2 large 2-story castles on either side. https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?v...e=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/events/44699639204...e=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/events/44699639204...e=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/events/44699639204...2110&type=1 I will post the waiver online in PDF format so you can have it signed ahead of time. Obviously no forgeries will be accepted and if a forgery is discovered, that person will not be allowed to attend Nemesis Milsim games henceforth. Some full-face and lower face masks will be available for rent (free of charge) but they will be on a first come first serve basis. We will accept soft-padded lower face protection like foam or neoprene so long as it covers your Nose, Mouth, and ears. Thanks, -0
  8. Nemesis Milsim Presents Operation: Silent Shepherd ...Aboard United States Air force C130 AF1435 call-sign "Berkley", Seal team 6, call-sign "Shepherd" prepares for a HALO jump in to FARC guerrilla territory in Columbia. In collaboration with Eastern European religious extremists, the FARC rebels are holding CIA operative, Ruth Dean, codename "Lamb," hostage and violently interrogating her on matters of top-secret US operational intelligence. ST6 must infiltrate the FARC complex, destroy their combat effectiveness, retrieve intel, and rescue and extract Mrs. Dean out of FARC territory through the friendly Peruvian border. The fate of the country depends on the success of this mission. This event will not be a Paintsoft style game! There will be complex scenarios and situations that require critical thinking as well as control and restraint! Please come prepared for a real Simulated Military experience! Our Mission Statement: All Nemesis Milsim airsoft events are tailored to provide the most immersive experience possible for all players. These events will include: player controlled events and endings, interactive actors on field, functional props, air-strikes, drones, pyrotechnics, immersive environments, intense situations, tactical decision making, competitive mini-scenarios during lunch, affordable grilled food, and an all around FUN experience. When: March 10th, 2013. Gates open at 8:30AM, Chrono at 9:00am, briefing begins at 10:00am Where: Buggy Whip Farms, 8656 184th Avenue, Bristol, WI 53104 Preregister Before March 3rd - $20 Cost at the gate - $25 There will be a 50 player limit so register as soon as possible! FPS Restrictions: Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles - Less than 551 FPS, 100ft engagement limit Permanent Semi DMRS - Less than 451 FPS, 65ft engagement limit Fully Automatic AEGS - Less than 401 FPS, 10ft engagement limit All weapons will be chrono'd by event staff with .2g BB's at the beginning of the event. The event staff reserves the right to perform random FPS tests throughout the day. Camo Restrictions: For this event, camo color will be determined by the operators Pants. It is highly recommended that you wear matching tops and bottoms because future events will require fully matching uniforms. FARC: Green Based Uniforms (Woodland, OD, Tiger Stripe, Woodland MARPAT, ATACS FG, Flecktarn, Etc) or Blue Jeans Seal Team 6: Tan Based Uniforms (Tri-color desert, ACU, Desert MARPAT, Multicam, ATACS AU, Khaki, Etc) Black pants will be placed on whichever team is smaller NO OTHER COLORED PANTS WILL BE ADMITTED (I.e., RED, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Gray, Brown, etc) Safety Restrictions: ANSI rated Full Seal Goggles required at all times on the field. Players 18 and under required to wear full-face protection. All players will sign a waiver at the beginning of the event. Players under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign the waiver. Further safety restrictions will be stated on site the day of the event. For More Information Call Or Text At: 815-353-4367
  9. Hey everyone! Just so you all know, I talked to one of the guys involved in the event and got some mroe info on the event. FPS Restrictions: AEG's: <400FPS DMR's (Permanent Semi-Auto): <450FPS Bolt-Action Rifles: <500FPS Players under 18 must have a full face mask, Players over 18 must have full seal goggles. -0
  10. Where can we find further event rules? fps restrictions eyepro restrictions further field restrictions? thanks -0
  11. Rock on! At least some of Nemesis will be there! -0
  12. I'm sure this thread is a little dead but the question definitely isn't I own 2 G&P m4's that are entirely PTS/Real Steel magpul. I have also owned most of the parts in ACM version but I have stopped since. I'll let you know what I've found from experience: The ACM UBR is slightly more wobbly than the PTS UBR especially where the upper and lower parts meet. Not really a big deal however. This is the only case where I would say the ACM version could be a worthy substitute. I cant speak for the longevity of the ACM though. The ACM MOE grip vs the PTS MOE grip. Virtually the same. The PTS has a slightly better texture and a flatter color. It should be mentioned that the ACM MIAD grip is fused together (its just a MOE with a finger ledge). The PTS MIAD set comes with 2 whole grips and 2 backstraps. This lets you make a MIAD/MOE/K-grip and have another extra. The ACM MBUS are noticeably worse than the PTS MBUS, but lets face it, how many times have you really used your MBUS? Probably the most noticeable difference though is in the MOE and CTR stocks. The PTS versions of these stocks are Leaps and Bounds better than the ACM versions. You really are getting your money's worth buy going with PTS (or real steel it doesnt really matter). The ACM wobble like nothing else I've seen and the material can break relatively easily (Seen a MOE crack falling on grass). The PTS version have ZERO wobble on a G&P buffer tube and they are built like tanks. I recommend the extra 5$ highly (buying from major9 or on ebay)! The RVG and MVG share the same difference as the MOE grips. Thats just what I've seen from experience. All in all I would always recommend PTS over ACM because the PTS parts will last forever and do have a better and more realistic feel to them. I have seen multiple ACM parts break, crack, and waste away and usually if you buy 2x of one ACM part, you will pay more than one PTS part. But most of you all rarely stick with the same build for very long so I guess I can see the utility of ACM parts. -0
  13. Looking to Buy the Following Items... Knights Armament Style Silencer - The kind with all the ventilation holes but I don't want the ICS one. G&P 30mm Aimpoint - If it has the LaRue mount that would be even cooler. Black RVG - PTS only no ACM. I could also use a Systema Energy Piston and Cylinder heads and 11.1v Lipo (1000-1200 mah) 20c Thanks, -0
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