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  1. I'm looking for a few players to to play with in that area as well. Not sure if I want to join a team though since I don't like the idea of having to buy a whole new loadout, but a PMC loadout would work perfectly for me. I'm located in Hemet, age 19. I play both field and CQB. Played at Insight Interactive, once at HSP's Combat Center, and in fields around the Inland Empire area with a team called the Roughnecks. I've also played a few private matches with friends. Have 7 years airsoft experience. Never been in a team, just with friends.
  2. I'm almost certain that the velcro strap belongs to a drop-leg holster or some type of holster.
  3. +1 G&P does make every item he lists as G&P. Next time, be sure to do some research before you make an accusations. On another note, purchased two G&P 552 replica holo sights, both work amazingly and came inside G&P manufactured box with all paperwork. Great seller, ships from Hong Kong but ships FAST. Thanks.
  4. I will pick up the Hatch black knee pads once my check comes in. Sadly I don't even have $10 to spare right now. Haha.
  5. Please PM the OP next time, this thread is over 3 months old.
  9. Updated list: 1.) MOE pistol grip in dark earth. Can be a clone. 2.) CTR stock in dark earth, also don't care if it's a clone. 3.) AFG in dark earth. Can be a clone.
  10. Try SoCal Airsoft's forum. You'll have better luck. It's all players located in SoCal and there are plenty of teams that you and your brother will be able to join.
  11. Can you upload a picture? Is it a metal or plastic receiver?
  12. Hey there people, I'm in the market for a few things. What I need will be listed in order of importance, it would also be great if I could get everything from a single seller, but I'll buy individually if the deal is right. Not really looking for any brand new items or to pay retail since I am on a budget, but send me a PM with what you have, condition, a picture or two, and we'll work things out from there. Thanks. 1.) 2x 6.03mm or 6.01mm TBB; 363mm M4 length, brand doesn't matter much 2.) AFG, don't care if it's ACM, but MUST be FDE 3.) CTR stock in FDE, also don't care if it's ACM
  13. Hey guys, so I'm in the market for a metal receiver for my M4 S-System. The grey just throws off the look and I'd prefer a metal body anyways. Everything must be fully functioning. No cracks, broken parts, or missing pieces. If you have an internally broken M4 S-System you'd like to get rid of that has a metal body, I'd buy that too as long as all of the externals are intact. Not looking for any that has been painted. Black only. I'll also be needing a metal one-piece hop-up to go with it. Needs to have all the necessary pieces and be fully functioning of course. Would like to get both from the same person. PM me with what you have and include a picture. Thanks.
  14. Maybe I'll try a little of both, haha!
  15. Thanks airborne, I was just told that the best way is to leave it half cocked for a week, is that true as well?
  16. Alright, so I just purchased a new gearbox for one of my guns, the box states that it has an M100 installed. It's shooting too hot for CQB, but I was told that the spring needs to be "broken" in, and after doing so, the GB will shoot a bit lower. Is this true? I don't want to purchase a new spring for the GB for CQB simply because I just don't want to open up the gearbox so soon.
  17. Not trying to thread crap, but DPMS is Panther Arms. Oh, and some of their guns aren't bad. I know they make some cheap guns and most of them are low quality, but they do have some quality guns on the market. Good luck!
  18. Bump it bump it bump it LOUDER! If anyone wants to buy any of the items instead of trading then I will gladly sell them, I need money for Christmas. The complete JG gearbox off the market.
  19. Guys, look at the date, obviously the sale is over with. Next time, PM the OP, you're bringing up dead threads.
  20. It looks heavier than it actually is, haha. It's about 10lbs, not too much, but not something you want to lug around with all the gear. xP
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