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  1. No longer looking. Mods please close.
  2. So as the title says, I'm looking for a 7.4v lipo, one that'll fit inside my P90. Needs to have mini tamiya connector. As of right now, I'm only looking for one, but if you have two, I'll buy both for the right price. PM me with your price shipped and send me a pic. Thanks.
  3. MODS PLEASE CLOSE. I will be making a different topic for a 7.4v lipo since the title of this one is misleading.
  4. MP5 hi-caps no longer needed. Just looking for a 7.4v lipo.
  5. Bump. Still looking. Please keep in mind guys, I'm not going to pay retail price for a used mag. I can get an MP5 hi-cap mag for $8 each.
  6. P90 Mids found. Still looking for MP5 hi-caps and a 7.4v lipo.
  7. Early bump since I will be gone for the rest of the day.
  8. Free bump. Those are some amazing prices. I'd jump on the digi M16 if I wasn't on a budget. Haha.
  9. Looking to buy four MP5 hi-cap mags. No dual-type mags, just the normal MP5 hi-caps. I'm looking to buy all four from a single buyer so that I don't have to pay multiple shipping prices. I will buy individually if the price is right. I'm also looking for two P90 mid-cap mags. Preferably the ones with the dummy rounds in them. Lastly, I'm looking for a 7.4v lipo battery that'll fit inside my P90. PM me with your price shipped. And send pictures of what you have.
  10. So as the title states, I'm looking for a deans to mini tamiya adapter. Deans must be male, and mini tamiya must be female. Looking for one that is as short as possible. I tried looking for one and ended up buying a large tamiya on accident. If you have one, then please PM me with a shipped price and a picture so that I can verify that it is what I'm looking for.
  11. That TM Hi-Capa is smexy! Haha, I'd buy it if I had the funds. Free bump.
  12. Also, please send me pics of the gearbox as well.
  13. So as the title states, I'm looking for a V2 Gearbox. Must be fully-functioning of course. Here is what I'm looking for: - Able to take on an 11.1v Lipo, not just a 7.4v - Must be wired to front - Can be wired to mini tamiya or dean's connectors (I would prefer dean's) FPS doesn't matter, I would like if it was around 330-350 so I can use it at Insight, but it's not required since I can just downgrade the spring. It would also be best if it was a JG gearbox. I'm on a budget, but let me know what you have and throw me a price and maybe we can work something out. Thanks.
  14. Forum rules, you need to post an asking price.
  15. Dunno how I did it, but problem solved. xD All I did was just take apart the gun and put it all back together and tadah!
  16. Nozzle appears to be same length and size. I just chronoed it again, it's now shooting at 100 FPS or less.
  17. I would jump on it... If only I had money...
  18. Don't use paper towels. Paper towels tear and rip apart in the barrel. Certain paper towels also have a rough texture and can scratch the barrel. Use cloth of some sort, best use 100% cotton. I just simply get an old cotton shirt and cut them in strips. Also, use silicon spray. Just spray the silicon on the cloth when you have it on the cleaning rod and then insert it into the barrel. Use a twisting motion, like you're screwing and unscrewing a screw. Just jamming it up and down isn't the best way to clean it, you'll only be pushing the residue towards the hop up. Continue cleaning the barrel until the cloth comes out clean. This process doesn't require you to take apart the gun in any way.
  19. Nope, no damage to the air nozzle. What do you mean by different sizes?
  20. Okay, so I've been recently having a bunch of problems with a few of my guns, so I've been asking a lot of questions lately. Well, I now have another one. Recently, the gearbox on my JG M4 S-System became non-functioning. So what I did was replace the gearbox with the one from my Classic Army M15A4 X-Series. Before replacing it, I measured the FPS on the CA gearbox at around 330-335 FPS with .20 grams. When I installed it inside the JG M4 S-System, the gun is now shooting at around 240 FPS. Does anyone know the reason as to why the FPS drastically dropped? I've tested it with multiple magazines, cleaned the barrel and hop-up, and the battery is fully charged.
  21. How much are you looking to spend?
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