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  1. Hey, my names Josh, and I just ordered a JG Snow Wolf M99-1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle. I was wondering what a good scope for it would be since it doesnt come with one. I was looking at 3-9X40 ones, but was informed that the more you zoom in, it decreases your accuracy. If anyone has a good idea on a scope that has covers, is a decent size and zooms in and out, please tell me. (Also, I have been looking for an Airsoft team for a while, preferably based in Rhode Island, so post for that to if you want me and ill tell you what type of equipment I have).
  2. Hey, my names Josh. Im looking for an airsoft team based in Rhode Island. This isnt my first time playing airsoft, and I just ordered a new gun off of amazon.com, ( 941 UHC Airsoft black revolver), and soon im getting a ghille suit and a JG Snow Wolg M99-1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle. I have been looking for and airsoft team for a while, but it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find one in Rhode Island. Also, heres what im looking for in a team: 1. Organized, uses tactics in game, not just rushing in and losing. 2. Mature people, I hate playing with like 11 year olds, there annoying as hell. 3. A great time, I want to have a good time on a team, like a lot of team events. Im not looking for much, so if you want me on your team, just post or email me at Hitman1447<AT>gmail.com, which I check daily. I will have my sniper soon, then ill be able to play. Maybe I can borrow a sniper and some armor for a time until I get my own. Hope to see you all on the battle field. Equipment so far: Secondary Weapon: -941 UHC Black Airosft Revolver -Holster (For my revolver) Primary Weapon: -JG Snow Wolf M99-1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Currently ordering) -Strap (For my sniper) Armor: -Ghille Suit (Currently ordering)
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