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  1. Yeah sorry, just a joke. But it would be cool in real life lol
  2. What I would do is attempt to act like I would surrender, then out of nowhere, FLASH BANG!! Then after the smoke and fog clears, I am gone. When they are surprised, a faint whistle from 300 yds away calls the onlookers. Then a flash from the direction of the whistle, taking out three men. When the enemy stand up commences, the sprint of death prevails. As I rip through the jungle leaves, my m249 SAW tears through the bunkers and sand bags. Taking out most of the battalion, I pause to acquire my devastation. Then, out of nowhere, a .45 round blisters through the dirt in front of me, then a sharp pain is through my chest. As I lye on the ground, the shooter breaks through the bush, holding the pistol in his hand. He then says smile to the camera, and when I do smile, three grenade pins are between my teeth.
  3. Hello I am looking for my first aeg, but have had experience with others. I am looking for something in the 180 to 220 dollar price range. I am trying to get into DMR or maybe a scout. These three are what my choice is rounded down to: A&K Lr300 AEG/ Matrix SR-15 A&K SR-25 URX Any other suggestions will be accepted thank you
  4. Hello,I'm Ben or "Giant Dwarf", as my alias states. The name comes from many comments about my height, which is 5ft, so I was known as short. Then again, many people say I'm not short, I'm either average or fun sized, so I thought it was appropriate to take the nickname "Giant Dwarf." I live in south Louisiana and do a lot of hunting and fishing. On the weekends, me and my friends get together and have a little fun in the backwoods with playing airsoft. We went on and off from airsoft to paintball but stuck to airsoft for the reality. Now we are getting into the game, and we are getting into the load-outs. Then came to the decision of joining ASF, I had followed for a while, so why not? Well, that pretty much sums up my introduction, if you want any more insight on my life give me a shout, or reply. I thank thee for thou time.
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