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  1. I have a set if you need one. Clear out your inbox it won't let me PM you.
  2. Hi Bigdad, it says you can't receive any message. Anyway, I was wondering if the Replica Mark V will fit the LM4?
  3. I have a real steel but in black (MOE handguard) if you are interested.
  4. I have one if you are interested, selling for $57.50 shipped.
  5. I have a G&P upper and G&P 14.5 outer barrel too if you are interested. Also have the rail for it.
  6. I just have the suppressor minus the flash hider if u r interested but if I do find it I will include it as well
  7. I have a toy soldier brand medium plates what part of Cali ru from?
  8. I have some Prowins in good condition.
  9. I am interested on the upper as well let me know how much you want
  10. Are you looking for a standard grip or magpul?
  11. Yes but it's a hit or miss. WOC usually goes for 500-600 brand new. No response on mine so I guess the one's who got responded first are lucky to get it!
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