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  1. Rules Paypal only No returns, all sales final no trades Dear ASF, I have the following items for sale: KSG shotgun package, includes all the shells, shell holder, and two brand new additional gas tanks (total of 3 gas tanks). Plinked around the house. No local field to play at, waste of firepower against cardboard boxes. Having owned the original 870, wood 870, breacher...this thing very sounds intimidating when you rack it. Looks very unique on its own as well. Only thing that seems to be a common issue (minor) is the storage side that holds the extra shells on the left chamber can be finicky. Better to use an external shell holder anyways. Retails on its own at 420$, with 38$ per tank if you can find it in stock. This total package for you: 485$ with free shipping Tokyo marui l96 OD Green. I bought this used from someone who plinked it around. They added a spring (makes it a bit stuff to pull back) and it's shooting around 450 fps. I plinked it around the house as well. Comes with the ghillie cover and scope (leapers) variable power scope. 375 $ shipped
  2. All TM pistols, m203 launcher is pending sale
  3. Rules Paypal only No returns, everything sold as-is Dear ASF, I have the following items for sale. Most have been sitting in the closet for the past year. Everything is stock and I've only used duster gas and plinked around the house. Possible some mags will leak due to long term storage, others will be ok. Probably just needs some silicon added. Prices are as follows: ALL PISTOLS SOLD (9/21/17 update) All misc items below still on sale Any specific questions, let me know. Thanks
  4. Rules: No returns paypal only no trades tracking will be updated upon shipping Dear ASF, Off-loading some unused inventory. 1) Tokyo marui m16a2. Great condition, currently not firing because I hear a "click" in the grip like something wants to move but it doesnt. I have't personally opened it or had an airsoft tech look at it since then. It did have upgrade parts installed (non of which I'm capable of doing). I feel like it's an easy fix, and you will get a great value if you know about these things. 199$ + shipping Current parts include: Hurricane metal upper and lower receiver Systema internal gears Systema piston head Systema Spring guide with ball bearing Systema oil-less bearing Systema polycarbonate piston Systema m120 spring Also includes an extra tokyo marui magazine, battery, original box. 2) tokyo marui sig sauer 552 Entirely stock. never fielded, relatively close to original pristine condition aside from handling around the house. 150$ + shipping 3) m203 grenade launcher Comes with a million parts, m16 heat shield. Not currently working, and I have no idea how to fix this. Spring with one shell. 50$ + shipping 4) Misc items Batteries, free with any purchase, no idea of their current condition and charge. Tokyo marui pro scope, has variable zoom. High quality metal with len flaps. 30$ Double m4 magazine holder 7$
  5. Dear ASF, Haven't posted here in a while, been really busy with life and now currently moving. All this stuff has to go by next week, after that I will donate it. First grabs here on ASF, all priced extremely low to sell. All sales are final, package deals extremely encouraged and given with incentive. I will try to list items as bulk but there will not be much variance in price. "Mentionable" items: -M4 mags wrapped in bubble are regular aeg mags, non wrap is an ARMY SOPMOD tokyo marui hi cap mag. -red dot unsure of condition, may or may not work, can be used as cosmetic design -One patch is free with purchase, first come first serve - Rail adapter is for USP -TM glock hi flow valves and base plate sold as a set -TM branded mp5 hi cycle magazine -PEQ box with battery compartment missing top screw, easy to find replacement -All rail panels, including XTM panels, sold as a set\ Any other questions, Just ask Quad rails 15$ each Sopmod batteries 10$ each - been in storage Tokyo marui m203 spring launcher (comes with one red shell) - 75$ EVERYTHING ELSE IS 5$ Buy more, Save more Shipping is in flat rate USPS boxes. Paypal only, PM for best contact. I will use thread replies for early commitments as usual. Thanks,
  6. Rules: Paypal only No returns Prices do not include shipping I have a tokyo marui breacher for sale. One of the gas mags is leaky, mostly due to storage. I've only played with it a handful of times. I believe there's also a small leak within the body of the shotgun as well. Instead of tearing this thing up, I left it alone. Probably a simple fix, but you know me and my tech abilities (terrible). Therefore, it has been kept pristine and mainly in storage with the exception of a few uses. Comes with two gas magazines, and a side saddle mount, paperwork, box, etc. Buyer will pay for shipping, I can ship without the box (cheaper and faster) at a lower usps flat rate priority if the buyer wishes. PM me for best contact. 245$ + shipping
  7. Updates on the glock package. Everything in the picture, all the mags and accessories 399$, will be posted up on ebay soon.
  8. Bump, Price drop on the glock 26 package. Take the whole package for 265$. I also found some extra glock 17 mags (x4) and a glock 18c mag, all tokyo marui branded. Can be purchase in addition, all works with the glock 26 or buy it separately for your other TM glocks. All work great with no leaks, 25$ TM glock 17 mags each 33$ for glock 18c magazine
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