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  1. cool, we try to play 2-3 times a month so when ever your ready and want to head this way. you more then welcome to play with us.
  2. I posted on the other maple valley topic, it was started back in '05. but I was just trying to play airsoft with more people, there was no recruiting involved. I play with 4 people tops, and are firefight zones are huge.
  3. I don't know why you guys are acting like a advertised this post to the whole country. Because North West, USA is far from the whole nation, but I do thank you for being the only informative one and did not come off like a total A-hole.
  4. Well since this is a Pacific northwest thread we wouldn't be accounting for the whole world now would we, the whole point of having a specific area on your title is to catch the eyes of people that recognize the name/area. out of nine people that viewed my ""MAPLE VALLEY"' post none of them responded, why click on the post if you have no interest in playing airsoft in maple valley. But sadly all I have gotten is someone wasting their time trying to mock me on a airsoft forum (Pathetic) and another that I am guessing is trying to question my gear or is just trying to come off better then me which is also pathetic but I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say he just wanted to show me his sweet gear (which by the way has nothing to do with the point of this thread)
  5. you don't have to live in maple valley, anywhere close really. as long as your willing to do the drive. We have huge forest lands we play on, we also have a quarry to play at. and a couple more spots in open plains next to forest lines.
  6. 18 views and still no replies what kind of airsoft forum is this.
  7. come on, nine people viewed the thread a didn't respond??? There has to be some maple valley airsofters out there somewhere.
  8. Hello guys and girls, I live in the maple valley area of Washington and my group is looking for more people to play with. We all have Pro gear and equipment, we play with honor and call are hits even if we think we might not have but most likely did. Were all 20+, but age is not a problem if your 16 years are older, if your younger I will have to meet your parents and have them tell me personally that you can play. We also have many choice's when it comes to where we play so if you have preferences we can most likely accommodate them. If you are interested please reply to this post and I will send you my email to talk about it in more detail.
  9. I live in maple valley. I have played for 5 years and have professional gear and equipment. I play with four people including myself, we should meet up. respond to this post so I know you are still keeping track and I will send you my email to discuss this in more detail
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