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  1. There are a TON of places to play in the DFW area. I'm from the Fort Worth side so there may be more in Dallas I don't know about but these are the ones I know of. D14 in Denton, TX Fun on the Run in Lake Worth, TX What's up family fun park in Sulfur Springs, TX DFW Adventure Park in Roanoke, TX Forney Field in Forney, TX I would highly recommend you look them up D14 on facebook, you can also go to Geddonsgames.com for info on the middle three fields and I'm not 100 percent sure how to obtain Forney's play schedule as I don't play there. There is also a Field in Temple, TX. I would highly recommend avoiding it at all costs, the owner has no respect for the community or players. You can always PM me if you need specific help.
  2. Terminator P90 no longer for trade, and I have found a holster! :D
  3. I don't know about modified lens options, but I do know the GoPro and the Contour both come with like a headband style mount and are much better cameras.
  4. He is gonna have a hell of a time finding a hard drop leg for M93R, even if he takes the grip off. (Link :D) (Link 2 :D) those are prolly gonna be the best Nylon holsters you'll get. The second one I have heard really good reviews on, but I have no personal experience, as I also run hard sided drop legs exclusively. You could also have a custom Kydex holster made but I cannot promise they will be cheap.
  5. I have the Pantac/Phantom CIRAS, (Linky :D) And I really like it, although it is huge and bulky, but that is no fault of the vest itself. That vest has done everything I asked it to and came back wanting more, I do not believe there is a better REPLICA for sale. I don't really count the Flyye as you can pick up a used EI on ebay for less.
  6. I have used 50 round glock mags in a condor SMG pouch before and they work great. If you really want probably the best I would look at HSGI tacos but they are very pricey, however they look operator as hell. EDIT - This is the link to those SMG pouces we were talking about, the P90 mag ones are a little big, although I have heard of people putting socks in the bottom to bump the mag to the top. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=4574 You can take the annoying clip flaps off and I just cut the other side of the clips on the front off, then burned the fraying with a zippo. theres elastic around the top of the pouch that will hold your mags fine. I use these exact pouches for MP7 magazines and they are the best thing I have found.
  7. I need a Marui compatible metal slide, I am looking for high end slides here, airsoft surgeon mostly, I would really like Kimber trades but will consider all offers. I need a Blade-Tech, Safariland, Serpa, something that will fit a night warrior style lower, MOUNTED WITH A LIGHT, preferably real but I will entertain replicas. Would prefer drop leg but I will take paddle or molle or whatever mountings for the right price Over 150 Lumen pistol flashlight, preferably a strealight TLR-1 or TLR-1S, M3-M6, or a killer deal on a surefire X300/x400 :D Looking for grenade shells on the cheap, will pay more for working ones, but I am NOT willing to pay more than 10 each and prefer to buy in bulk. I need 18-24 total. :D Looking for pelican or other reputable brand HARD SIDED rifle cases, I will not however pay NIB prices for these. These are not a must have. Have cash or a classic army terminator P90 to trade :D
  8. Looking for some G&P metal mids, MAG 190 Rnd or 120 Rnd Pmags, I need about ten in black and ten in tan, PM with prices. Doesn't have to be in perfect condition but price should reflect.
  9. You can get a different PTT (the part that the actual headset plugs into, which has the button and plugs into the radio) That fits your radio.
  10. Found and purchased! Mods please close the thread :D
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