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  1. well, if you use propane and silicone oil, flip the mag upside down and add a a drop or two directly in the fill valve and fill for 1-3 s (depending how empty the can is) when storing. I don't even run oil on the mags when playing, it just goes all to the bucking and kills accuracy, only the few drops for storage. (that keeps the o rings nice and wet) Never had an issue, with the KJW or even the WE 1911. And some more good KJW info: for lubing the rifle itself, follow this guide http://www.airsoftcanada.com/showthread.php?t=104159 (improvise for the difference, is extremely similar essentially) Super Lube is the way to go! With that, you will keep your KJW healthy for a long time :)
  2. Exactly, I only run gas guns and use propane with the airsoft innovation adapter (best one, most durable, don't bother with anything else.) When skirmishing, I never add lube into the adapter or anywhere that it can get in the bucking. (so thousands of rounds oil free) But I do add a couple of drops directly into the fill valve and 1-2 seconds of gas in the mags before storing them. This is key, they must have gas on them while storing, the weak point, the fill valves, will get a bunch and the rest is enough to wet the seals. if left without gas, even for a couple of days, you will definitely get leaks from the fill valve, and progressively worse. The idea is if they do leak, so be it, take 30 min to take the leaking mag apart and lube the o rings, get them nice and swollen. that is the correct way of running GBBR's... believe me, those WE 1911 mags everyone hates... basically zero problems, and I have 5 of them. However, after a year, of playing a couple of times a month, I have never had to even take a magazines apart (for fixing leaks that is) the adding oil to your ever 5-7 mags or whatever is bull crap, ill only ruing your bucking. and if you are going to need oil, buy" RC shock oil", the lightest weight you can find... 15-20 wt will do. That is cheap 100% silicone oil.
  3. internals? anything from these guys: http://www.cradleairsoft.com especially their V1+ BCG. I also recommend a tight bore barrel, falcon makes 6.01's for the KJ, RA tech too (.01s and .03s) Use the stock hop up bucking, it works best... apart from that the gun is solid stock lol. externally? it takes AEG front ends, stocks, outer barrel (some modding) etc, the pistol grip is real steel/ GBBR the rest (body/buffer tube) is proprietary, but no one changes that anyways.
  4. exactly, let the o ring soak up that scilicone oil and swell a bit, ill seal nice. Next time, don't leave your mags stored without gas... fill them 1-3 seconds and then leave them, that way the o rings never dry.
  5. Team "super lube" here. Best lubricant for GBB's hands down!
  6. The G39 is an awesome rifle, their most reliable out of the box. OP, there is a way to get a KJW 10/22 inside the shell of a marui type p90. how? look up real steel DIY p90's. People buy cheap airsoft replicas, trow out the internals and put .22lr's inside them, you can do the same, with an airsoft GBBR .22, and I know someone who is doing that as we speak, if you are serious and want to, I can can give you his info.
  7. well done! I love this set up, it sounds just about right to me. I modeled a lot of my current loadout after your latest ones, thank you!
  8. http://www.airsoftforum.com/forums/top...4-package-look/ http://www.gasguns.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=10410 just went on sale. NinjaDkDavid here in ASF was also selling a couple, contact him, maybe he hasn't yet. Last month there were like 3 on sale at once, and I have seen 3-4 go on ebay in the last 2 weeks... check ebay constantly. Don't waste your money buying it new like I did.. These rifles are bullet proof, no problem getting them used.
  9. That sucks man! :( I cant help you, but maybe you can contact KWA?
  10. I installed a noveske the second I got it, later on a VLTOR gas block... I added some magpul furniture and a silencer (seen in the first pic) and later a EOTECH with a PEQ... never got that on camera, lasted too little, I felt like it was all too bulky and big. So I went back to a much simpler all black, adding back some of the original stuff, and an aimpoint and RVG, also removed the silencer for a phantom flash hider (second pic).. later I got myself a CQG length barrel (third pic) and most recently I bought a trades sticker, which was much better than I though, its like a metal film with adhesive, for 10$ you cant go wrong, specially as the receiver is proprietary and the only thing you cant upgrade... thats the final pic! Im now planning in getting a delta ring type RIS, wanna try something other than free float's and getting some PEQ and flashlight on it, with a short A2 style rear sight, in other words make it a battle ready CQB-R! I personally think thats the best look of M4's... Hope you love your KJW!
  11. Any AEG externals will work, unlike most GBBR's that use RS spec, the KJW uses AEG spec parts... that means outer barrels (you will neev to file/ dremel a small part out, easy) RIS, stocks, gas blocks/ tubes, etc... the only things that are proprietary are the receiver, the actual buffer tube and ofc all internals... well the pistol grip is RS spec apart from that, its all AEG.. whatever you can do to an AEG, you can do to your KJW. Also, idk if you know, but KJW runs a replacement part shop that is excellent, anything breaks and it can be replaced, the prices are very good and shipping is like 3$ :) I love KJW.. ofc, I doubt anything will break lol. Mine has either at least 10k rounds now, so far, so good :D
  12. yea, they arent very fast, you are gonna have to wait lol took me a month :/
  13. I just said, you open them up anyways, regular maintenance (at least you should) wether you mix or not... might as well not mix it. I do add a couple of drops in the fill valve and fill 1s for storage though... but in between games, I'm not gonna unscrew the adapter and add two drops every 5 mags.
  14. OR don do that, get a few more FPS, less hazle and just relube your mags once they start leaking... thats what I do, and mags last a while, so I just end up lubing them before they even leak, im gonna do it both ways besides, straight propane or mixed, so why bother with the mix. If you are gonna do that, you might wanna drop ONE drop in the piston's O ring and maybe the valve inside the nozzle, every few thousand rounds or ever couple of gun maintience (when you take it apart, clean it and lube it, which should be after every game.)
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