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  1. Okay so your are saying I need to look at the quality of the maker/gun and then compare which mags are "universal" or can mix match makers
  2. Hey all. I was wondering which magazines/clips are compatible for different gun types or models/manufacturers. For example, there are many manufacturers who make an AK style air-soft rifle. Would magazines from Crossman GF76 work for Tokyo Marui Light Pro AK74U? Would CYMA CM042-S AK47-S use magazine from ASG Arsenal SA M7? Above are just examples but I am open to learning more about other systems or guns that allow or have compatible magazines from different manufacturers/gun (styles).
  3. Hi besides leaving a post, have you gone to antioch gamepod to check it out lately? how close are you to field?
  4. Hi yall. looking at players in San Joaquin area of California - wondering if there is a team or maybe just a group to hang out with during events or just because. Who are in this area?
  5. I think groin is most common response. Been there, done that. weirdly enough I was hunched over so that was one magic bb that bounce off the guy next to me, the concrete, and then ricochet up my way. I got hit in the tooth once. turning back to my friendlies. I exited a building and bam! head shot back and everything. took 5 minute break just to get over the pain. it did not break though. yay for now
  6. ASF Citizen, (I can't quote for some reason or its not showing the way I am used to) I was curious cause I saw another mask for sale, but it's a prop more than a mask. I work for a construction company and can get gask masks, so I either way - If I can manage to find a mask that attracts me, I may go the same route. But I am not well in depth on "fixing" or manipulating things (ironic I know). What type of mask do you have?
  7. Anyone owning face mask paint or decorate your own mask(s)? what did you do? what did you use?
  8. ASF Citizen How did you replace the glass/lens?
  9. YES! I got a mouth guard for my teeth in case I decide to run with just goggles. I went to a field once and rented glasses. I was still new then and the operators there were positive it was enough "protection." I was walking out of a building, laughing (forget why really) and got shot by my own team/side. still can't figure what this guy was thinking. I was behind our offensive line and he was behind me. Opposing team had zero means to get behind the front line either. stupid! Got shot in the tooth, though it didn't break, I may loose it in the future. Since then I am hesitant to really dedicate to only goggles.
  10. Howdy, creepblitz or snowflake here. Not new to airsoft, but have not had a whole bunch time/money to dedicate to the sport. for the most part, I train myself in various skills that may be used, but we'll see if it works. I do not run with camo, so if anyone has ideas or cool load-out for resistance, paramilitary, police, or civilian - sweet! send a pm or direct me to a thread. much thankful. cheers otherwise, have fun out there!
  11. What shotgun replicas do you use? What might you prefer?
  12. Media has provided various scenarios in which our well being is put into the hands of everyday citizens: "Red Dawn" among the most popular. anyone with a "civilian" or "paramilitary" loadout?
  13. Wondering, what full face mask others may have chosen? Or, how do you commit to safety for the face?
  14. Would it be accurate to suggest: 1.aim in front of a moving target. 2. aim for torso 3. move opposite direction as target(but still forward) ???
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