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  1. I recently acquired an HFC M190, the full-metal and full-auto one. It doesn't shoot unless I :censored2: it back to manually load it, do you have any suggestions on why it wouldn't work? I did take it apart and I was wondering if the springs that are circled in blue would have any affect on it firing? Note: When I pull the trigger, it does make the firing sound with gas coming out but the bb does not fire out.
  2. What'd you use to unscrew it without messing up the brass?
  3. Everything looks good here for upgrades but... You honestly don't need a 190spring unless you plan to shoot down a moose. Not to mention the cocking, but I'm almost sure no field is going to allow you to play with that kind of FPS running.
  4. Would it help to freeze the cylinder for a while and then put it in pot of boiling water to crack the Locktite? I've tried freezing it and then using the wrench and electrical tape but the tape won't stick to the piston head. Should I just use it without the tape?
  5. So I got the Socom Gear R700 recently and I went around forums and youtube to research the pin removal guide. I infact went step by step and when I got to the cylinder, the pin that is suppose to be drilled or tapped out is not even there. The cylinder is completely blank with no pins whatsoever. Any suggestions on how I could take off the cylinder head?
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