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  1. I want to announce my newest creation. Its polymer stock set for Real Sword SVD ( and copies ) S&T SVD AEG (not tested) MATRIX / CYMA SVD (CM.057) (not tested) I don't know where is Real Sword now , if they still make products. How they used to say ,, Time is not right ,, for announcing their new products. So here is mine 3D modeled , 3D printed , mold making and casting from solid black polymer. Order posibility : http://pavolslanina.wix.com/customsnipersupplies#!svd-polymer-set/c1o2r IMPORTANT NOTICE: THERE SHOULD BE SOME MINOR FLAWS AS SMALL VISIBLE AIR BUBBLES, PARTING LINE WHICH DON'T AFFECTS USABILITY AND PERFORMANCE.
  2. Hi, are you cocking the rifle best possible way, with finger on bolt cap ?
  3. I am selling out probably last batch of triggers. If someone is thinking about buying one, now is the right moment. cut by rifle with attached trigger
  4. I made some optimization on trigger. Here is new version of trigger. Every part of trigger was changed (little or more). List of changes: - reshaped the trigger - more rounded aluminum outer shell - nuts replaced by Tappex inserts - top of internal parts is not in same level with contact points - piston catch from stainless steel - engraved name on one side panel - internal geometry optimized price is 60 EURO + shipping cost email : gersprin<AT>gmail.com
  5. Postman maybe tried durability :-) Thanks for review and good hunting.
  6. No problem, it's on you when you do it
  7. It was long way, heh :D I hope it will work well.
  8. Hi , not tested on this spring, but it is well made , full steel, it couldn't be any problem for trigger. I got laylax 190SP and trigger absolutelly don't have problem with this spring. Trigger pull is smooth on 190 spring. Surfaces are polished. This is my view. I will be very happy ich someone who bought trigger from me write something about pros - cons. Thanks.
  9. I'll be happy for any kind of review. And I'm glad you like trigger.
  10. I think the best is directly from REALSWORD. Before 2 years price was 514 dollars , 100 dollars for freight to Europe.
  11. I have for sale six pieces of triggers now
  12. Internal system is similar to Noobies M-trigger. There is longer piston sear (from pivot to down end) , so it reduce pressure on other parts in mechanism. For this reason is also lighter trigger pull. wanted to know this ?
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