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  1. Finished today..... G&P Vltor w/ Daniel Defense Lite Rail Eotech 516 M300 Scout Light
  2. Western Arms based Prime Full Kit Kimber CDP Ultra 2 WE Knighthawk KAC
  3. Hi...here is my SPR KWA M16 base Simmons 2,5 10X50mm Doctor Reflex. with ATN MK-410
  4. Hello!Im new overhere and I want to share some pictures of what I have. Im a Brazilian(looks lika ) so...my english its not good enough,anyway..I hope u guys enjoy my toys. Cheers. G&P powered Magpul Micro T1 Red Dot. Laser Devices Operator 6V Led. AAC Supressor. M16 by KWA. With ATN MK-410 M16 SPR by KWA(another config.) Simmons 2.5 10X50mm Doctor Reflex sight G&P Sentry(Vltor) Before External Upgrades. G&P Sentry(after upgrades) Eotech 516 Surefire M300 Scout(replica).
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