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  1. Yea, I've posted on a few other sites, just trying to expand my options.
  2. Mobsters is s huge game. People pay more money for worse accounts. These prices are pretty much on par, because these accounts are some of the top in the game.
  3. Some of you might have played the huge Myspace App, Mobsters. I have played for close to 2 years now, and have finally decided that it's time to move on. I have multiple accounts for sale, and would like to sell them, or possibly trade for different guns. Pm me, or post here if you have something to trade. First account is a 30B Level 48 with 75K wins, and 3T+ cash on hand. Very nice stats, one of the best level 48s in the game. Worth about $400+, but I'm willing to negotiate. Secondly, is a 21B level 142 with 1.5T+ cash on it. Great stats, good defense, 10K energy. Worth about $200, but I can negotiate. Third, is a brand new level 200 with a 96B bounty, 3.7T+ cash on hand, 455 attack, and 60%+ increase in attack. Working on the stats, but it's very nice account. This account, which is in the top 1000 in income in the game, is worth at least $450, but we can talk. Lastly, I have multiple low levels with decent bounties, and multiple level 400s with 10-20B bounties. Ask on a specific level, or bounty, and I'll see what I have. Also, if you are interested in a custom account, let me know. I can build pretty much anything. Deals availible if you buy more then 1. Disclaimer: the money paid is for services on the account. The actual accounts are free.
  4. I thought I read that somewhere. Mines just a normal compressor, for like mechanics and other stuff. But I still like the idea of HPA. Where would I go to find the parts to make an HPA rig?
  5. Well, I do like the idea of HPA more, because I should be able to fill the tank with my air compressor. But death, do you have any idea what parts I would need for a normal HPA rig?
  6. So I'm planning on building my own ghillie suit, and thought I had it all set out. I was going to build a full ghille suit, until I read how difficult it was to low crawl with a full suit on. So after watching a video with a few different types of ghillie suits on it, I thought about making a different kind of ghillie. Instead of a full suit, or just a poncho type, why not combine them? I was thinking about using a ghillie that covers about half my chest, and on the back, covers all the way down to my feet. I want to wear normal BDUs and make the entire thing out of netting. That way, it would slip over me, and would be much easier to remove. Any ideas if this would work? I also need some ideas for supplies too. I want to find a woodland camo flight suit to go under the ghillie, so I'm looking right now. Anything else I should consider?
  7. Lol, the possibilities of those few parts (drain :censored2: to release pressure LOL). ANYWAYS, I have a CO2 BB gun pistol, and have noticed it does perform well in the cold, but is it the same principle with a rifle? Will it get the same ranges and perform the same as an HPA rig? The only thing is the buying of the CO2. It seems to me that I wouldn't get as many shots with CO2 as with HPA. I like the idea of one tank that I could carry in my ruck sack and just switch mags, instead of carrying multiple tanks. But, performance is my main concern. Thanks to everyone for their feedback. Eventually, I'll be able to post pics of my rifle... And I look forward to that day.
  8. I was actually thinking about that, but I think it'll be worth it. I love the thumbhole stocks, and I'm looking forward to buying it. Is there any advantages of running CO2 instead of HPA? Another question though. What do I need for the HPA rig? Any recommendations on brands for regulators, lines, and other parts I will need? I want to get a good tank and regulator. I do think I want to run HPA, but any input you guys have is appreciated.
  9. Thank you brainplay, as from what I understand, your the expert of gas and HPA rifles around ASF. Now the field I want to play at has a limit of about 550 FPS for bolt action rifles, so ca nyou explain the whole regulator thing to me? Reading your HPA installation guide, it said that the regulator keeps the FPS between safe limit? And is the regulator separate from an actual tank? If so, what size and what brand tank would be good? I'm hoping to be able to keep the HPA bottle in my pocket, or on the ground next to me as I stalk. And how many shots would I get out of a bottle that size?
  10. So with all these upgrades, what results could I expect? I know the HPA rig offers adjustable FPS, but how does it perform distance wise? Is accuracy on par with a heavily upgraded VSR? Thanks again death, your insight is appreciated.
  11. So with a Tanaka M700 AICS, and all of these upgrades, there wouldn't be anything more that would assist in performance or consistency? If I'm going to get a rifle, I want it to be as good as it gets.
  12. Edit: sorry, IPod posted same post twice. Double posting
  13. Now that you say this, I am leaning more towards HPA then spring rifle. I like the realism of the bolt pull. Not to sound too noobish, but what are the 2roy conversion kits? They help with the hop up somehow? And the Tanaka M700's are nice, but are there any Tanaka L96 variants that would work as well as the M700 Police Model? Or maybe even an M40 variant that is as effective with an HPA rig? I like the more modern, less "hunting" looking rifles such as the Police version, or even the VSR. That's why I like the L96 and the M40A3's. Thanks again death.
  14. Yes, something like that. I figured the mods would be quite difficult, but 50 hours with all the correct tools. I don't have a dremel, or tools like that, so it would probably be much harder for me.
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