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  1. Uh, I don't know where you get that idea? It has everything to do with shipping, international shipping. They are the ones that regulate our shipping imports and exports for this here United States. My rifle should have arrived within a week, but because they wanted to take there sweet time, it took three weeks.
  2. Just ordered an AEG from them a little while back. It is as Vikeif says. Mine were only covered with electrical tape. Keep in mind, I paid for the quickest shipping and customs still had it for close to three weeks.
  3. Basically a little removal of material, nothing more. Like I said, slight modification.
  4. Yes, that is correct. Some trigger mechs might need slight modification to get them to fit, but most should drop right in without any hassle.
  5. Yes, of course it is a proprietary hop up unit, but I have been able to modify a reguar V2 hop up unit with a V2 air nozzle, so if is possible. Many other people have been able to do the same.
  6. IIRC, you should be fine with most V2 aftermarket parts. The air nozzle is the only proprietary part that comes to mind. Actually the ARL is too.
  7. If the connector is still intact and not broken, just pinch it together lightly until it holds in place on it's own.
  8. Took a shot from a Tanaka that hits about 540 fps, so I suggest you don't knock it until you try it. He also uses them in CQB play more than anything. Rather have his setup than some mesh goggles as I have seen some severe accidents due to players running mesh goggles.
  9. A buddy of mine drilled holes in his goggles. The holes were small enough that no bb's were able to get through and it works like a charm.
  10. I am guessing you are referring to the nub. If so, yes you need that. It is the piece that makes contact with the bb and gives it it's backspin. I could be of more help if you can provide a picture.
  11. You're welcome bud. Glad I could help. Sorry to hear about the chipped piece. Kind of why I stated to hit lightly, but as you said, it should not affect performance one bit.
  12. You could try a philips head screw driver and hit it with a hammer lightly. The tab only needs to be pushed in a few milimeters, IIRC.
  13. You should be ok with the battery you are using. You have a bigger mah rating than most 9.6's that people use.
  14. Sounds like they just wated to sell you whatever they had on the walls. $45 is more than double the price of a set of SHS gears, at least from where I obtain them. Your gun being a sportline should not be any sort of a factor when deciding if 13:1 or 16:1 gears are applicable for your setup. Here are two links to motors that should suit you quite well. http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/motors-c...-long-p-36.html http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/motors-c...otor-p-535.html I also recommend you browse the site a bit. This is a great source for airsoft parts with exceptional service.
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