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  1. Yea, I go on AM anyway, had to make a new account though because I couldn't remember any of the login info.
  2. 8,2,0,13 Exactly. The melancholy explanation fits my life perfectly.
  3. Hey, just read this, very interesting. After leaving for 8 months it's a nice surprise to see Hunterseeker back on ASF( I guess the mods aren't little you know whats anymore). Can't wait to try this out, just gotta get a new gun...
  4. I would say at least 6 months, bit more.
  5. So I took a leave from airsoft for a while, didn't play or anything, bored of it. Now my engineering side is piqued again and I might get back into airsofting. Any major changes in the tech world, any changes on the forum, etc? Hopefully some of the members I liked are still here...
  6. Ah yes, completely overlooked the fuse... Check to see if it's blown, but rewire anyway.
  7. You don't need a new chamber. Cab you take a picture of the inside of your stock bucking. If it is the newer CYMA design, keep it.
  8. I refrained from the oxymoron comment. Btw, is this the blowback model thingy?
  9. I don't see anything good in stock. You could try the fishbone, my friend seems to like it. Otherwise, you could try the flat hop.
  10. Check to see if the motor spins outside the gearbox. I would check your trigger contacts to see if they are charred. There could be wiring problems such as a cold solder joint from the factory or something of the sort.
  11. Summer school? Join the cool kids with high grades club (it's the coolest, I can assure you). I agree with what he said, I don't see a huge reason to give up trigger response with using torque gears (and helicals...). It is obviously user error if you are blowing gears at medium power levels, or just bushings flying around in there. Lastly, why are you using bearings on the PH and Spring guide? I don't see too much use for both. Also, Major9, WHERE TEH HUGE MUSCLES AT, never tried p90x.
  12. I would go with the KWA 2GX or you could try the flat hop.
  13. LEGOBUILDFTW. You could list your internal DIY mods, but I don't know if there are any. Rating = poop until performance and DIY mods listed.
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