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    you can try out taags airsoft in kent they usually run once a month
  2. the trigger will do fine in my opinion, I was pulling a 190 spring with it and it did just fine, no wear or signs of breaking. might wana locktite the screws in tho they can come loose from shooting, causing the trigger to move and not lock the bolt
  3. title says it all, im looking for either a Tanaka or kjw brand m700. I'd prefer it to have atleast a vsr conversion or hpa/co2. any other upgrades would be nice
  4. From my understanding gas guns gain fps as u get longer barrels, I was wondering if: 1) A TK Twist barrel would increase my fps a lot or at all 2) If I put a fps reducer in would I be able to use the TK Twist with it, because you cant use the TK in a gun over 1J. 3) Is there anything else I would need to make this work, do you think this would work? Any help is appreciated. Thanks -RIP
  5. the mk96 is to common of a gun imo, I was wondering if anyone could tell me a cheap shell that took the same parts so I could swap them out and have basically my gun still, thx.
  6. im 19 and I just stepped up from messing around in the back yard to getting serious. I have a mk96 with mid level upgrades, no chrono so idk speed. im looking for people to either mess around with or go out to a field as a grp.
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