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  1. Looking for a gun for my 10 year old son. Just getting into airsoft, but has been playing paint ball for a couple years. We have a great indoor arena near us plus wooded areas he will play with friends. I expect him to also play with it without BB's but wants the shooting noise. Budget is MAX $150...hopefully more like $100. My initial research makes me prefer an AEG. I typically don't start by buying junk, so figured spring was out and I wasnt a fan of gas. preferred just charging a battery. Since he is 10, weight is a small concern, so the comments I see on full metal and 5lb guns....probably too much money and heavy. but that is my perception. His paintball gun is all metal and has a large co2 canister....so maybe not that much of a concern. When he searches, he tends to like three guns (mainly on appearance and COD experience....). 1. Tar 21. (they seem very pricey). 2. G36C 3. M4 He also loves the look/function of a red dot sight. (COD experience probably) Other dads mentioned they got guns with about 400fps...thought that was a good 'sweet spot'. Open to suggestions on those guns or others that make more sense given our purpose. thx
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