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  1. PLEASE READ THE RULES Rules 1. PM for any questions 2. Shipping is NOT included unless otherwise stated. 3. The ONLY trade is money unless otherwise stated. 4. Only shipping with USPS Priority or UPS Ground w/tracking unless otherwise requested. 5. Pick up available around Diamond Bar, CA and Chino, CA. 6. NO PART OUT unless otherwise stated OR the entire package is paid for. Will have pic with name/date on paper later tonight. Will have more items added as I clean out my closet. Echo 1 Redstar based DSG $250 Lonex RED piston Riot DSG ICS Turbo 3000 motor Wired to deans FPS is around 310 Comes with a clone Magpul ACS stock (not in the pic) and the waffle mag (in the pic) Does not come with the suppressor, suppressor is $15 more. Foam filled with spring to hold the foam in place. HFC Glock 17 with Blackhawk Serpa $100 Shipped Comes with one mag Serpa is Blackhawk, not China Interior of the Serpa is sanded down a bit since TM dimension Glocks are wider. KJW Hi-Capa $95 shipped 1x WE 5.1 mag 1x KJ 4.3 mag TM MEU $200 AIP nozzle 3 TM mags G&G Full Metal M4 $150 Magpul MOE Handguard
  2. WTB/WTTF Limcat Razorcat Slide Set, STI Advance Frame, Limcat Steel Hammer set etc etc Pretty much going to build a few more Razorcat and need the parts to do so. Have cash and items for trade.
  3. Case was escalated to a claim. Paypal decided to just put the money in my pocket.
  4. Bump Both MK17s are sold. MP7 price dropped to $250, just found a small crack near the end of the receiver.
  5. Well, in Paypal dispute, he claimed that he has sent me multiple emails too. Which I never received any except one email that was sent right before the dispute was filed. Regardless, he still didn't prove anything at all. lol Most likely because he can't.
  6. What? You didn't even prove anything that you've stated to me either. You never got a response? Maybe because you've never sent any inquiry to me? lolz Or how about send some proof of that^? If your feedback is the same or higher? Well, too bad it isn't.
  7. ^That On Paypal, he still has not yet provided any evidence of his claims. He just escalated the dispute to a claim just because I didn't respond to his message in 2 hours lolz Funny how we have to live in his world because only his life/schedule matters.
  8. I'm heading to the specific UPS store that the package was dropped off later tonight if I can make it before they close. (I get out of class at 6:30pm, they close at 7:00pm) If not, tomorrow. I'm still trying to figure out how did he even get all of those claims that he's making. Magical emails that I've never received lol Inb4 The guy uses police threats and makes more llies. Funny how website = Paypal info? Quite confused here.
  9. Please enlight me on how you've tried to contacted me on the issue. The very last message was this: Bane of humanity Re:ER-25, May 14 2014, 06:51 PM QUOTE Payment was sent Friday night. Weekend = no shipping Common courtesy. 1Z475Y1R0396897266 end quote "Right, paid Friday it's Wednesday and still hasn't shipped after 3 simple requests on status. Whatever." I said common courtesy because he "reminded" me of that for not shipping it out Friday, the night that he paid lolz So no, you have not yet even tried to contact me for the issue, other than that ONE email of this morning.
  10. Talking about the weekend after the 9th lolz Stalling? lol For what? Please enlight me on why would I stall anything or try to scam you? I mean I'm pretty happy to get rid of that POS. Go read about the SR-25 guide then you'd realize how happy it is that that thing is sold. Bane of humanity Posted Today, 01:27 PM I'm done with his, say what you will, I'll handle it through Paypal. You are still here lolz
  11. Um, he spammed my inbox over the weekend...... Goes a long way to make you want to communicate with him. And yes I did reply to those spams. It goes a long way to get those 116+ feedbacks. Regardless it is "shipped" Also all of these lovely screenshots <3 Heh funny you were trying to get the gun AND money.
  12. Just FYI....in the society that we live in, if you can't prove something like that, it's meaningless, aka lies. I still have all the text message between you and me for the MK16. All the lovely police threats.
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