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EDI 1st

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About Me


Classic Army SR-25 DMR ASF 2011 Summer Build-off Best DMR

Classic Army SR-25 DSG ASF 2012 Summer Build-off Best Over-all

Classic Army SL-8

G&P SR-25 Original Unicorn

G&P SR-25 CNC Version, project gun, yet to decide what to build.

Hurricane SR-47

Maruzen APS-2

Maruzen M870

Pre-ban RHF/Tanaka Mantis

Pre-ban Tanaka M700 AICS OD

Pre-ban Tanaka M700 AICS TAN

Pre-ban Tanaka M700 Wood

Pre-ban Tanaka M24Tanaka K98

Tokyo Marui PSG-1

Tokyo Marui/Guarder G3/Cetme

Tokyo Marui/G&P Magpul M4

VFC H&K 417 350c


KSC/Prime G34

Socom Gear 24K 1911

Tanaka 8" S&W M500 Midnight Gold

Tanaka 8" S&W M500 Midnight Gold

Tokyo Marui SAI G34

Tokyio Marui SAI G35

Tokyo Marui G34

Tokyo Marui MK23

Limcat Razorcat



These are the gears that I have.....

ghillie suit (yes, made it myself)

Derptrix vest with conderp pouches

Emerson Jump Helmet

ESS Goggles

Replica Comtac II

Random drop leg holster

Blackhawk Glock Serpa

9.11 Multicam Rifle/Gear backpack

5.11 Boots

Propper Multicam jacket

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