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  1. I've been around for a little while but rarely post. Just thought I would post some videos of my summer project. My summer project is to visit and review every airsoft field in Missouri. I will also review some other field I visit around the country. Well here is my latest review, feedback is welcome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpN1o4YKLcY
  2. Thanks for the offer but I am not interested at this time.
  3. I have a LNIB G&P magpul sentry that I just can't bring myself to use. Here is a link, I have the 14.5 inch barrel and this link is to the 10.5 one http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=41077 The gun does have some overspin on semi every once and a while. I have not field the gun, it sits in a box. I'm looking for a dmr or some type of two lower priced guns for this one. My brothers are thinking about getting into airsoft, so I need more guns. You would ship first in a trade. I will provide you with any information except my SS number, to put your mind at ease. Offer the worst I can say is no. Thanks for looking
  4. I've been wanting a 417 for a little while, and have a few guns I don't ever use. What I have to trade - Elite Force PDW - Gun has stock internals, but I r-hopped the gun. You need to use .28's or sand the patch more. I only use heavy weight bb's now and was tried of sanding, so I stopped. Externally the stock push button broke but Andy from elite force hooked me up with a brand new stock (side note EF has the best customer service in airsoft). Its really hard to push the button in to close the stock. I will include a 7.4 lipo that fits in the peq and original pdw mag. This gun shoots great, just have too many guns and want a 417 more!!! Next and also KWA usp - gun shows signs of use, but works great. comes with one mag. I still have the box for this gun. If we agree to a trade then we will working out the who ships first based on feedback.
  5. You may check BG Airsoft. Here is a link to Their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/BG-Airsoft/2...=ts&fref=ts Just PM them and tell them what you are looking for, and your budget is.
  6. Looking to get a 417 to use as my DMR, but would also look at some other high end DMR setups. What I have to trade: New HK 416c KWA mp7 with 2 mags and cqb bolt Elite force PDW
  7. I have always struggled reassembling front wired guns. First it was my Elite Force PDW, and now my 416c. The problem is I can't seem to get the upper and lower back together. I can get them almost back together, but just doesn't want to go that last 1cm. I was wondering it any of you techs had trick to getting these guns, or type guns back together. Any help would be great. Well I am going to take a break since I don't want to destroy my new gun because I turn into the Hulk when I get angry.
  8. I'm looking for a 350mm or 363mm stock vfc barrel. Have money in paypal ready. Please no other brands. I might need a picture of the barrel window.
  9. After installing my rhop, my bb's are curving to the right. They start to do this almost as soon as the leave the barrel, and surprising curve back around to be dead on at 100 feet. I was wondering if I might be getting a corner pinch. I ran out of day light today, and was just wanting to consult with the experts before I went to sanding. I also thought this thread needed some life. Thanks.
  10. So I took apart my pdw for some general maintenance, and now the bb's won't travel more then 10 feet. The bb's are making it to the chamber. When I fire the gun upside down, the bb's will fly out of the hopup instead of going out the barrel. I've never had an issue like this. Thanks for helping.
  11. Only thing still up for sale is 1911. Price is $75 shipped
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