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    whew.... I was wondering, because I was going to buy a bunch for stock and start selling them here in the States for a profit! Thanks for the clearing up!
  2. most stores don't let you return used products anyway. Its a gamble. Google Airsoft store in NC and go on a road trip. You might want to call the first, but the jg bar 10 is a great place to start for a sniper build. Its 2012, you might want to start getting use to buying stuff online. Its normal for the Airsoft market, even sometimes ordering from overseas. You also get PayPal. Its secure and acts like an online bank. I have nothing more for you! Good luck
  3. buy a JG Bar-10... You can get it with a scope for $125.00 off airsoftmegastore. They will ship it for free too! If it breaks you'll start upgrading anyway, and as soon as you start it's a slippery slope because one part cause the need for another in most bolt action snipers... Be careful though, with the FPS these things can produce... you wouldnt want to engage anyone under 100 ft!
  4. Where are you located....we will need this in order to direct you to a vender. Remember Google is your friend. I'm sure their are Airsoft stores in your state.... and they will likely carry something. M200s are rare and expensive. Cheapest I've seen is $500. And the cheytac ones branded are $1200+
  5. jjoker20


    Where did you find that TM for that price? because I believe you are calculating the exchange rate wrong... Can you post a link and I will verify, and then help answer your question.
  6. PM Sent... did you get it? It's not showing me to have sent anything. This site angers me! I want that TM Precision chamber regardless But would be interested in the VSR too!
  7. www.airsoftohio.com... loads of people from Dayton are on there
  8. Ok, so I've search the forum and can't seem to find out why this is happening. Appears to be fairly common from what I've found. Piston will lock in the back position when firing on semi-auto after a series of shots. I have to switch to full auto and fire a burst to unlock it. The the cycle repeats. I've tried reshimming, adjusting the timing, extending the spring, and sanding the rails on the piston and the problem is still there. Please help me. Why wont it release. Another thing, if appears to happen more frequently when I fire quickly.
  9. Ok, so the problem is not fixed... Spring fix, did not correct the issue. It's almost as if the piston is too lose, and is not catching the gear entirely... The rails look good as does the piston itself... is there a spacer or something I should use to insure it catches the gear completely?
  10. IMO, buy a new motor... The pinion gear is basically the most important part of the motor as this is what functionally turns the gears in the gearbox... if this is put on wrong, or doesnt spin fluidily, you'll be buying gears next. Plus the M120 motor isnt that expensive.
  11. OK, so I fixed the problem. I took the gear box apart and the spring that resets the piston had somehow come off where is attaches to the gear box. While I was in the box, I took the time to re adjust everything, and while the metal shavings in the bottom scare me... I know that this is normal, and metal on metal causes this. Thanks you all for your help, I now have another problem to deal with. Another post to follow.
  12. Battery is 8.4 2200Mah G&P... so I don't think that's the problem. I just took apart the reciever and am messing with the battery height. Already noticed some metal flakes on the end of the motor, so I know there is a grinding issue someone, but since I don't have shims or gear grease I'll have to mess with it this week. What a shame to spend $400.00 on a gun and not have it work right for atleast a month.
  13. I'm having issues when firing on semi auto. The gun will shoot fine for a few shots and then"click" with no fire. When I switch to full auto, it fires again with no issues, and will shoot on semi for a few shots and do it again. From what I've read, this appears to be a common issue, but I have not seen a solution. Does anyone have one? I have not touched the gun from an upgrade stand point other than putting a TBB and hop up bucking with SCS nub. Any ideas? as it's kind of annoying as I like to shoot semi auto often. Thanks in advance.
  14. I swear I just read a poll on this earlier today. I own a G&P and love it. Just wish they were easier to come by here in the states.
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