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  1. I just got an M226 PTP for last christmas, less than 5 months ago and its all ready malfunctioning. It was working flawlessly up until yesterday when out of no where it started acting exaclty like the 226's in these videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=playe...p;v=RUulOXsQPZU ! I've field striped, cleaned, and looked for what might be causing these problems but im at a total loss. If anyone here can offer some advice as to whats wrong before I have to ship it back it would be a big help. Thanks.
  2. I do field strip my gun and oil it regularly, and every bakers dozen refills or so I lube my mags too. If the cold is going to hurt the gun that much though, I think ill keep it inside until the summer. Thanks
  3. The owners manual for my KWA M226 warns against using it in "extreme cold weather" becuase they claim the hop-up unit can harden and wont be effective anymore, and that the gun wont function properly. How cold would it have to be before my hop up or orings freez up? Im playing semi-weekly night matches, and the temp can get as low as 25-30.
  4. I got the KWA M226 for xmas (and love it to death by the way) and an extra mag to go with it. I found out though the first time I went to use it that my spare mag doesn't fit in my gun. It is identical in every way to the stock mag, but its like an 1/8th inch fatter and doesn't say "made in Taiwan" on the side. My friend had the same thing happen to him....did we get a KWA knock-off, or did we get faulty Mag's?
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Im staying as far away from KJW as possible though after owning their green gas M9. The gun itself was pretty good, but the mags sucked horribly and would leak constantly. No matter how many mags I bought they still always ended up leaking.
  6. I need to replace my KJW M9 and have been searching my favorite airsoft retailers for the right gun, but am afraid to buy again with out knowing which are going to last me more than 2 months. I've come across several people who say KWA is the way to go, and hearing that, have been digging through their technical forums and google searching to see how many of them have problems and what they tend to be. *However, I would like to hear from people in this community that own KWA's (and Socom Gear too actually) on how they hold up/which models to stay away from. The models im most interested in are the M226 PTP, the USP, the Mark IV 1911, and the Socom Gear 1911 MEU. Any input from someone with first hand knowledge of any of these guns would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I need to replace my KJW M9, which recently died on me. After dealing with all the problems with that gun im extremely wary of ever buying a gas gun again, but really kinda need one as a sniper with no back up weapon. Im hoping that someone here knows of a gun (or preferably has owned one) that dosnt regularly need repairs or replacement parts. The biggest flaw with my P.O.S. M9 was the mags. The O-Rings on the inside of the mag on the bottom would always go bad, no matter how many new mags I bought. Im hoping to avoid this again.
  8. You may need to replace the fill valve, or the O-rings on the inside of the mag may be shot. Thats what happend with my KJW M9 mags. I could charge it but the gas would leak out pretty quick. Also you need to make sure that both the gun and the mag have been lubed properly. A little silicone lube goes a long way towards fixing problems. You should lube your PTP after every few outings, and every now and then the mag too.
  9. I found a 6.03mm madbull barrel on airsoftgi, but its only 499mm long, and according to them the stock barrel is 515mm long. Is this a problem? Also, wouldn't I be better off with an EdGi 6.01mm?
  10. So how do the EdGi barrels do in terms of quality? They are practicly the only tight bore I can find right now... If you know of any quality 6.03s please lemme know.
  11. Really? I've heard and seen much that says the 6.01mm is much better, aside from the risk of jamming.
  12. I've heard that in addition to accuracy, it gives you a boost in fps. If I installed the EdGi 6.01mm in my UTG M324 Gen 3 how much would it boost my fps by? Also, does the accuracy boost warrant the $75 price tag?
  13. I can pull the bolt and :censored2: the gun, but the trigger is unresponsive and I can't fire it. Any suggestions? I heard it could be the trigger sear...
  14. Every time I ask someone about this I get a different answer, so I honestly don't know what to believe at this point. Im just repeating what Ive heard, which, for the most part has been people warning me to stay away from CO2.
  15. My KJW M9's mag is leaking gas from behind the spring where the bbs are loaded. anyone have any idea why this is happening, or how I can fix it?
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