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  1. Hi! Looking for a used stock Stoner 96 preferably. Will entertain pretty much any support weapon though. Shoot me a PM!
  2. Looking to buy your used guns. I like teching on AEG's and I figured if I could pick up some cheap broken or semi functioning guns I would be able to fill my lust.
  3. Looking for a combat machine upper. Can be tan but would prefer black
  4. Selling an unused KJW CZ-75. Received it in a trade, don't want it. $80 shipped takes it.
  5. I have a brand new, unfieilded King Arms SVD Gen II AEG. Comes BNIB, I test fired it with a 7.4v lipo just to test function. $150 Shipped or Trade for TM 1911 with mags, or KSC glock series with mags. Also have an AIM replica PSO-1 Scope. $70 Shipped.
  6. Trying to get out of the sport, but will not turn down reasonable offers and trades. Buyer pays shipping. Classic Army Krebbs Custom KC-89 One of the most solid rifles I have ever handled, easily reaches 200ft with .20 bbs. Has some external wear, and is missing butt plate. Otherwise functions flawlessly. INCLUDES KC-89 Replica Aimpoint 1 Metal Mid Cap Original Box Looking for $250 OBO King Arms AEG SVD I never fielded or fired this gun, battery is uncharged and gun is cosmetically flawless. It was used as a prop, purchased from a local shop. INCLUDES KA SVD Manual Stick type battery Charger 200 round high capacity magazine Replica AIM PSO-1 scope Both original Boxes Trying to sort of break close to even, $220 OBO KSC G23F This has been my main sidearm for many games. It has been meticulously maintained and performs like a dream. Never fired on full auto except to test it. I have 11 magazines to sell with the gun, 5x Party mags, 5x G17 magazines, 1x parts magazine, and 1x G19 magazine. Lees Precision Gasket shims in 4 of the mags, Moondog industries fill valve o-rings in 4 of the mags, and 6 FPG baseplates installed. Also have most of the bags, manuals, and replaced parts. Prices for magazines can be negotiated. Also have a Molle Serpa for another $20. Upgrades to gun: 3D Printed open rear sight New springs installed New Hammer installed KM/TN Head Tightbore Inner Barrel Hurricane Guide Rod Guarder Mag Catch New KWA Hop up rubber New Selector Switch, Spring, and ball. No hiccups while selecting. Only flaw is a small chip in the back of the metal slide. Looking for $120 shipped for the gun with 1x G19 Magazine.
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