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  1. go here http://www.007airsoft.com/legality.htm this site has all the info you need to know and it is well explained http://www.airsoftcanada.com/forums.php is also a great place to learn
  2. If you were a millwright, im sure you could do somthing safely. If it was illegal the those butane powered potato guns would be illegal. But just like you said combustibles are not advisable, if it was gonna be done im sure it would of by now and if it worked it would of caught on. Stick to what works, and wont blow up in your face :)
  3. I think it depends what kind of combustion you would be looking into. Tippmann did this with a paintball gun years ago the C-3, if it was any good they would still be doing it. Theres worked be igniting some propane behind the round. If this is what you were planning I would think it is legal. If you were just gonna say grab a .22 and replace the round with a bb id say you may have some issues. Again paintball has done that, its called simunition and as far as I know its not for civilian use anywhere.
  4. with rubber you would also have to worry about stopping the BB. When my paintball team practices we use re-balls which essentially are rubber balls. On the speedball field there not bad the netting and bunkers absorb the impact bring them to a stop. We used them indoors one time where there was no netting and instead of air filled bunkers there was wood bunkers. They bounced all over the place. When we got 20 people shooting them it turned into a crazy mess. It reminded me of a game we used to play as kids, a bunch of us would go to the end of a hall in our school thne one kid would throw a handfull of super balls down the hall and they would bounce all around and if one hit you, you were out.
  5. Its not budget at all but I use a IASUS NT3 Black Ops 2 Tactical Throat Mic conected to a IASUS Dual Comm 2 way Radio. I have learned my lesson with cheap radios and mic's. I really hate when my mic isnt clear. I got mine from http://www.milsig.ca/store/index.php?main_...4qj29489lm4o4h3
  6. I use a real steal Aimpoint Comp M4 on my paintball gun so I am just gonna be placing that on my AEG
  7. don't go to rap 4, there stuff is garbage..... seriously I owned one, when I thought I just got a bad one I found out that everyone got a bad one. You are also going to have to go up in your price. You cant even get a used one that has been heavily used for that price. If you are willing to spend around $200 you may be able to get a used one but go with a milsig (www.milsig.ca) there forums often have used gear. You can also try the classified section at http://milsimempire.com. Also remember to keep your eyes out for used mags since there $30 a piece. You may also want to look into a tipmann they don't have the hopper but the do have an off set loader that looks kind alike a stubby stove top pipe. Alternativly you may want to look into some of tippmanns cheaper markers that have the hoppers, then instead of getting the hopper get a loader called a Q-loader. With a simple mod it can be mad to look like a under barrel nad launcher. If you demand a mag feed you are seriously going to have to go up in price. Most guys mod there markers so getting somthing stock is next to impossible. My milsig alone is almost $1000 brand new, then has atleast $500 of upgrades into it not counting the cosmetics and im sure you already know that when you start getting into optics, lights, grips and such you can easily tack on another $1000 especially if you go real steal. I have either owned or tested pretty much every marker out there and seriously go with a tippmann there the best bang for your buck, especially if you just want to try paintball out. heres a list of some markers you may like although some may be out of your price range: Mag Fed Markers: MilSig (ultimate mag feed marker) Tiberus (these guys can fire the new "sniper round" its a stubby bullet shaped paintball) Real Action Marker (kinda crappy) Rap 4 (they earned the name cRap 4 by paint ballers all over because of there quality) Non Mag feed Markers: Tippmann BT Inspire GI Milsim (stay away from them)
  8. Just looking for peoples opinion about a new company that makes classic airsoft rifles. Rap 4, They have a horrible reputation in the paintball world, there markers jam, break paint, fall apart and pretty much anything else you can think off. I know the sell a mod kit for there .43 caliber paintball marker to convert it to an airsoft gun (you can also go a step further and buy a mod kit to convert it to a bb gun) so I have a feeling that there airsoft gun may be the same pos that they try to pass of as a paintball gun just with the mod pre installed. So has anyone tried this gun and if so have they smartened up at least in the airsoft community??
  9. my team doesnt have an average age, we range from 16 - 40 somthing (he wont tell us what the last number is) then we have a range of everything in between.
  10. I am new to airsoft to, actually bought my first gun yesterday. But I have been playing paintball for more then 10 years. I would suggest saving up and just like the the blue baron suggested spend over $150. I have seen to many people at the field try to save a buck and be unhappy with there gun, and end up spending hundreds (if your like me thousands) on there gear. Your bound to spend more on up grades but you shouldnt have to spend more just to make it comparable to what others are useing. If you are gonna go cheap (and I know people arnt gonna like this suggestion) but go to walmart, atleast that way if it breaks you can get it exchanged for a new one the same day instead of waiting for the mail man to deliver your gun back to the company, have it fixed, then delivered back. That can add up to weeks of time you could of spent playing. Im not promoting walmart (I actually despise them), but you are 11, don't have alot of money to spend, and if your anything like I was when I was 11 you hate waiting.
  11. I think your right spectrum421, I went over to there web site, aside from the cosmetics it looks like the Noveske N4 they have on there site.
  12. I picked up my first airsoft gun yesterday but never thought of asking what kind it was and now im haveing trouble finding out. It is an all metal AEG. On left side of the gun on the mag well it has an iron cross bellow that is says NOVESKE and bellow that is says KFH. On the right side of the gun on the mag well it has a fire breathing pig. I know people always ask for pics but I don't have a camara right now but will post some when I get one. I try googleing it but always end up with real steal or over at madbull but cant find a picture that matches mine to be sure. Is there any other markings that could be on an airsoft gun to help me figure out the make or am I just way to new to airsoft and it is what it says on the side?
  13. Hey everyone, my name is Jay and my call sign is Gungnir. I am very new to airsoft infact I have only played once before, but I am not new to military simulations sports. I have been playing paintball for over 12 years now and am a sponsored by Milsig Canada. I picked up an airsoft gun yesterday mostly because paintball is no fun when it -40 outside and we have no good indoor fields here.
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