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  1. I would like to pick up a Acog clone can have crosshairs or just red dot but won't pay over $50 Also looking for a one point sling mount for a JG retractable stock I like masks too so if you got one of those send a pic and offer will spend ehhhh $40 on a cool mask just offer Possibly some gloves too I'll do 25 max on those pics and offer
  2. Im looking for a 16in outerbarrel for my JG 614 never had a M4 style gun I was wondering will any M4/M16 type barrel work with the RIS that come with the JG like will this one work? http://www.ebairsoft.com/beta-project-oute...?options={3}260
  3. I have a black 1911 desert warrior and would like a pistol tac light for the front PM me with pictures and price what im kinda looking for http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=24761 thanks
  4. Still available for anyones taking! shoot me an offer
  5. Bought this from evike new but its the wrong size evike wont take it back item here http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=34372 Never used I pulled it out of the box tried to screw it on didn't fit and then put it back in the box was $35 new so I will do $30 shipped to you because I just want some money out of it and don't want to look at it
  6. Hello thanks for looking I have a Dboys M203 grenade launcher full metal comes with 3 king arms 120rd shells Had these for about 6 months used only twice its not my cup of tea would preferably trade it for a single stack 1911 Dboys M203 Used only twice once at home once at a game Full Metal except for the grip on the M203 Saftey lever 3 ways of mounting long type King Arms Grenade Shells 120rd shells full CNC metal can take any gas type used only twice one of the shells will not hold bb's when you fill it with gas don't know problem total retail value $170 will let go for $120 not including shipping but trades are preferred Trades: single stack 1911's other gas pistols offer Any questions just ask!
  7. Gun has been found and purchased thanks everyone
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