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  1. Bha VSR-10 is Booooooorrring. Any way thanks for the answers everyone.
  2. Just googled that. I didn't realize you were talking about the same gun I was. Problem is its gas, and I hate gas powered guns on principle. So if I were to limit myself to springer/AEG snipers, is the Ares WA2000 a good buy?
  3. Could you link me a "standard" SR that's more of less the same price/build quality? (Also why can't you buy guns strait from ARES? For that matter why is Airsoft Extreme calling them Spartan Imports?)
  4. Ok so the Walther WA2000 is cool, really cool. But Taticacool only goes so far, and $650 is a bit farther than that. I love the look of it and as a bullpup SR it has a deceptively long barrel... still I have questions. So has any one ever seen/used/owned one of these? I know that ARES made one as well, but I can't find one any where (that isn't out of stock). Are they a good gun out of the box? Is it really worth $650? Is it useable as a DRM, for Long range, for Recon? Can it be upgraded? Dose it need to be upgraded? Also has anyone ever ordered from Airsoft Extreme? How did it go?
  5. Pick you poison and drop your $45. There down on the page a bit. And they have them in other sizes.
  6. Ah I wasn't aware of that. Well It looks like Airsoft Atlanta is the only one nobody has a big gripe with so for now I'll be useing them. I am currently waiting on a different order from ASGI so I'll see how that turns out. Thank you every one for your comments. Also no one knows if any of those G36 Drum mags are any good?
  7. Hello everyone I'm looking at geting into airsoft and have been looking at a lot of guns lately heres what I'm llok to get right now. Step one CQB. Investment $100 Step one is a sold CQB weapon and a test to see if airsoft will be something I'll enjoy. I figure that I can put down a 100 on it for now and see how much fun I have. UTG M3 shotgun no stock A good buy (to my eyes at least) $60 for a 3 shot weapon, its also nice and short. I would also get a few extra shells, a basic mask and some good .20 BB's. Step two, main weapon and support gear. Investment $350-$500 Step two would be to get a quality AEG, a few mags and a C-Mag. Provided I had fun with just my shoty in CQB. I'd now be looking to get in on a few field games. Umarex H&K G36 I like this gun, for a number of reasons. This would also require a charger, battery, mags,mag pouches, and vest. I would like to play the role of suppressive fire. By making my G36 a MG36 by adding a C-mag. (any one have any experience with airsoft c-mags?) Step 3 Backup AEP. I want to, at all costs, avoid useing a gas powered weapon. It's just too much of a pain to deal with. To that end I would want some kind of AEP backup I'm open to suggestions on this one right now I'm looking at the TM Glock from that review it looks like an ok out of the box as a backup. And it would seam that there are some upgrades available for it. (Can any one enplane how those work/how hard they are to install?) As you can see I'm trying to spread out my spending, to give my self time to consider how much I'm getting out of it. The local airsoft field I'm look to play at its only 45 min from me so its not too far. Maybe I should just go there and get a rental before shelling out any cash. Any way that is my plan right now. Any criticisms on the guns I'm looking at getting? Or any other tips for the newbie airsofter?
  8. Hello every one I am looking to get a Umarex G36 as my first airsoft weapon. I've been shopping around and noticed a bit of price discrepancy. My local airsoft shop has it at there walk in store for $410 so with tax that's about $435. Airsoft GI has it for $370 and free shipping. However its out of stock Evike has it for $370 + shipping lets call it $385. WGC has it for $300 + shipping so $315 (best price but also out of stock.) Airsoft Atlanta also has it for $350 + shipping but its on sale. Normally its also $370 So how do you decide what retailer to use? Is it just personal preference? Is it worth waiting on WGC to restock it? On a related note can any one offer any solid advice on C-mags for the G36? Preferably 3,000 rounds auto winding. Theirs a few out there, but all of them have at least one horror story about them.
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