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  1. Folks looking to buy a G&P 10.5" outer barrel or any compatible outer barrel ( no VFC barrel ) for my G&P upper. Let me know if you have some for sale and thanks in advance.
  2. Yes folks in the market for your AGM or Dboys 416 in any condition , please kindly send me some of the pic's and your asking price and thanks for looking . Cheers Jimbo.
  3. Bump, now taking Scar L or H for trades.
  4. Yes folks just testing the waters on this one seeing if there's an entertaining offers out there. Here I have one of my collection with Untouch internals plus it only run on 8.4V battery a TM MP5 SD5 with perfect working condition and it comes with genuine TM midcap along with 2 TM highcaps with intellect large type 8.4V 3600 MaH . I need to unload this one or trade it with a Masada ( wanted to try something different than an M4 platform ) But if there's no bite on the Masada I'll consider a CQBR set up so please kindly let me know or shoot me some offers and thanks for looking.
  5. Yes folks in the market for a used M4 metal body , by classic army or maybe from any brand . Kindly shoot me some PM with pics along with asking price , thanks for looking .
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