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  1. thanks for your input guys. I chronoed the gun and it was hitting 380 fps. its gotta be either a 110 spring. or a really really brand new of the factory floor m100 spring. I will check
  2. sup people. I have an Ares m4 cqc s class. I love this thing. I just got it brand new from airsoft gi 2 months ago. I only used it like 3 times. I have noticed that when Im firing it, either in burst, full auto, or rapid single fire. I can feel the motor get super hot!. I'm running a 9.6. 1600mah nunchuck battery. im afraid the motor or the battery is going to blow. what is going on here?!?!?!?!? please bestow me with your knowledge...
  3. Can wrappng white tephlon tape around the cylinder head increase fps? If it does can it slow down your bbps because of the increased compression? I have a few guesses but I would like confirmation from you guys.
  4. I have a KJW 1911 hi capa aka KP05 . sometimes when I fire it the slide stayed locked back in the empty position. (mag still has ammo) I try to push the slide back to ready position manually but its stuck. I look into the the ejection camber and see the loading nozzle is protruded from the rear of the slide. Its only when I manually push the loading nozzle back into place that I am able to push the slide manually back into ready position. what could it be?
  5. Are all pistons created equal? is there really a difference between a version 2 gearbox piston and a version 3 gearbox piston?
  6. Hmmmm yeah yeah good guess. That could be how they did it. Piston hangs can be a problem...... They seem to have figured it out though the guns where firing fine. But then again its still in the works
  7. Perhaps a crank or a valve of some sort that compresses and depresses the m150 spring? Either way its a technology that I think is extremely innovative and can save airsofters a lot of money.
  8. Variable Velocity Device What do you guys think? How do you think they did this?
  9. Yeah don't go 6.1 tight bore. the BB has to have just a little bit more space for air
  10. You could be right but my understanding is that a heavier projectile wont go as far as the lighter projectile but the heavier projectile will sustain its kinetic energy longer. FPS drop is significant when using heavier grade bbs. 400 fps with .20 and 370 with .23 and so on and so on.
  11. I usually use .20 grams in my m16. its doing about 400 fps and shooting far. I witched to a heavier .23 just kuz I want more kinetic energy from my projectiles. I know that it would not be shooting as fast or as far. what can I do (modify) to compensate for these losses. please bestow me with your knowledge.
  12. Ive got an m16 that I need flip up front sights for. Or if you have both front and rear flip up sights that would be cool as well
  13. Im looking for a pistol grip for my m16. one thats a little more comfortable than the stock pistol grip. preferably one with finger grooves and a wide base for comfortable gripping. Send pics please
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