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  1. Hello all! I have a brand new King Arms Thompson for sale today. Nothing much to say about this other than it has a slight scratch where the flash hider came off. It is a great gun. Great ROF and great range. It has Large Tamiya connectors and it is a BIG step up from the cyma tommy. Will include: The gun Mag Charger Original Box (A tad ripped up but not bad) FOR ONLY 120$!!! FOR ONLY 120$$$$!!!! THATS CRAZY TALK PEOPLE.
  2. Hey all, I have a like new in box King Arms Thompson for sale today! I am NOT a big fan of thompsons but this changed my mind. I am in a need to sell this though and hate to see it go. I have shot around 3 Mid Caps through it without a fuse and that is all! Problems: Needs a $1.50 fuse. I also took the UGLY orange tip off and it chipped some small paint off. My price: $140 FREE SHIPPING! Trades, I am pretty serious when it comes to trades, I expect the trade value of this to be $170 however I can add up to around 50$. E1 MTC3 M4's M16's Ak74u!!! I am highly interested in quality ak74's! Thanks
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