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  1. http://airsoft-guns-blog.pyramydair.com/20...ed-passage.html SB 798 failed passage of the Public safety committee. Thank you to everyone who called in, and those who made the drive down there, or otherwise contributed to the effort. It is not completely over. While it looks like THIS bill is dead, De Leon is still out there, and he can try again with another bill, though most likely not till next year. Stay vigilant and STAY SAFE!
  2. Victory again. Not sure how permanent. http://info.sen.ca.gov/pub/11-12/bill/sen/...906_status.html The word from all the retailers is that it isn't over yet, but with great progress made. More news to come Friday. Keep those calls coming in!!
  3. Keep those calls coming in. There is a hearing tomorrow at 4:00 PM Pacific time accessible only to the business owners. Call all of the Assembly Safety committee members before then, as well as your own representative. Please.
  4. http://www.airsoftsafetyfoundation.org/node/16#08-26-2011 Latest press release from the airsoft safety foundation. Remember to call in and send letters, and make your voice heard. Also: http://www.facebook.com/groups/106316689456874/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/No-On-Califo...220859654597216 Remember, get your local PD in on this. And other organizations, if you can. DON'T GIVE UP!!
  5. More like 80%. Plus, mike said that, not me. I agree with the sentiment, tho.
  6. There's a time and place for jokes. This might not be it. We (at least I am) are still on edge hoping that nobody does anything to tip the scales and get it passed. I live in CA. I really don't want this passed.
  7. Exactly. Crap like that is why we have SB 798 in the first place.
  8. http://www.airsoftsafetyfoundation.org/node/16#08-17-2011 Latest airsoft safety foundation press release. The hearing wasn't on the 15th; rather, the legislature went back in session that day. No news other than that. Remember to contact your legislator if you live in CA, and encourage your friends to do so. Legislators are here: http://www.assembly.ca.gov/clerk/MEMBERINF...memberdir_1.asp
  9. Haven't heard anything from Reuben E. Roque on FB, so no.
  10. Hearing's today, boys and squirrels. Call in and do your part. Your assembly member's phone # may be found by going to the Assembly Website.
  11. http://www.pyramydair.com/SB798.shtml Sign it guys.
  12. Try checking the connector tabs on the motors. One may have come loose.
  13. Could have had something to do with LulzSec or Anonymous.
  14. There's always $$ donations to the Airsoft Safety Foundation. . According to Reuben, that's what's reommended for out-of-state help. I think it pays for more lobbyists.
  15. 14. Traded my friend a Big 5 gift card for his JG AK (it was $50 card and the AK was his third gun.) He did it to shut me up about Halo 3. IT worked.
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