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  1. Get yourself a heat gun. Makes things so much easier than using boiling water or a hair dryer. You can pick up a cheap one for about $20, just make sure it has a setting around 500 degrees (little lower is okay but wouldn't go hotter).
  2. Are you fully winding the magazine? You should keep winding it until you hear a double click type of sound.
  3. I don't play paintball so I wasn't familiar with RAP4 guns. The handful of times I've played paintball, the guns didn't resemble real steel nearly as much as airsoft. Those paintball guns you show should not be immune from the law. My point was some people are focusing on a non-issue. This bill has nothing to do with the amount of damage a replica gun can inflict, it's entirely about distinguishing replica guns from real steel. Which still makes bats, frozen paintballs, losing an eye, etc. completely irrelevant to SB 798.
  4. All these analogies about frozen paintballs and baseball bats is irrelevant. The bill is not about how much damage a particular gun can inflict (if it was they would be limiting fps, etc.) it's about making replica guns distinguishable from real ones.
  5. They don't seem to respond to emails. Unfortunately you'll have to wait until one of the retailers get them in.
  6. No, silicon oil is bad for your bucking. Just clean your hop-up/bucking with warm soapy water and dry it well. No need to use any sort of lubricant. Are you winding the hi-caps enough?
  7. For $0.99, absolutely! But the bid is already up to $92 with over 5 days left. Pass.
  8. I would get rid of the Matrix stuff. The barrel and BB's in particular. I've heard they are not of great quality.
  9. You can read this thread and the linked ones inside about airsplat and draw your own conclusions: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/opinion-...om-t213440.html I would buy it from AirsoftGI or AirsoftAtlanta. ASGI has coupons floating so make sure you do a google search and save yourself some money. The combat machine has nice internals (don't get the blowback version) and makes for a good base. There is also a sticky at the top of the page which gives a general overview of the different brands. Ask around and get a few more opinions though, I haven't been airsofting as long as a lot of people on these forums.
  10. My vote would be the combat machine. I would not buy it from airsplat, however.
  11. Jesus, another JG vs KWA thread? Sigh.....
  12. I would start with reading some of the stickies. Like this one: FPS Is Overrated--debunking The New Player Myth
  13. I would agree with the two posters above. The only thing I'll add is when removing the flash hider, make sure you do it the right way: http://www.kwausa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2253
  14. I just grab a cardboard box from costco, one with a little lip to catch the BBs. I put it on my fence (behind is forest) so I don't care if it goes through, just don't want it falling in my yard. If you don't want it to go through, just use a few more pieces of cardboard for the back. Then I go to http://www.mytargets.com/ and print out whatever target I want and stick it on.
  15. Gun patches are great but you can cut up an old cotton t-shirt or sheet and those work well. Stay away from paper towels or anything that will leave fibers behind. I just remove the inner barrel and hopup from the gun, turn the hopup all the way off, and clean it with a wet piece of cotton. Follow up with dry pieces to remove all moisture. I'm not a fan of using silicone oil since it's bad for your bucking. I suppose if you completely remove the barrel then silicone is fine but I don't really find that extra work necessary.
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