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  1. Bump. PLENTY still available here. Please PM with questions I rarely check the thread.
  2. Time for some MAJOR PRICE DROPS: GUNS -- 1.) Magpul Masada Package - $400 2.) TM AKS74U - $400 (VERY RARE) 3.) WE G39C PACKAGE - $200 (includes 3 mags) 4.) WE PDW PACKAGE - $200 (includes 2 mags) 5.) KWA SR-10 - $250 ALSO PRICE DROPS ON ACCESSORIES, BB's, and more!
  3. Thread crap elsewhere. SPAS is sold. Looks like you don't have much of a choice but to WAIT. Enjoy that. Lots of stuff sold & shipped out yesterday!! Still plenty more to go!
  4. Thanks, I just feel that since its such a massive sale thread it would clear up some confusion as to what is left if I remove photos as items are sold. Ill be deleting them from photo bucket anyways so eventually they won't load. Thanks!
  5. Scope #12 - Leapers scope - is SOLD. Am I permitted to edit the post and delete the related photos or are we supposed to leave all photos intact for Sale threads?
  6. haha thank you it is one of the most beautiful weapons I have seen - I HAD to have it when I saw it. I priced it at $1k because it is almost impossible to get your hands on, and if you can find it in the two-tone with FULL trades, it is around $600-650. Then it comes with 10 magazines (which cost $40-50 per magazine which puts us at $450 in mags). It comes with a ton of external mods as well as uninstalled internal parts and backup parts which add up to over $200... Then you add in the 3 batteries and 3 charger adapters which is over $150 and the fact the gun has never even been fired (Marui EBB's are a BLASTTTTT to shoot!!!), and I think it's worth the price. The beauty of it is that all of these parts are relatively difficult to source in the US, and this is a COMPLETE package to start playing as soon as the gun arrives. Hell I'll even throw in a free bag of BB's to whoever buys it :)........... That being said, if it doesn't sell, I have no problem keeping it.
  7. Thermals corrected to "pmags" - thanks for pointing that out - a lot of items to keep track of. DD Lite never installed - I installed the rail specifically for the sale to show that all parts are included. I guess I should have put that it has never been attached to a firing weapon - simply the upper part of an M4 - I originally purchased it as an alternate upper for my CQB-r
  8. Hey everybody I try to reply to PM's as quickly as possible but I work every day and sometimes there are delays. I appreciate your patience greatly =) Thank you for handling Paypal fee ordeal, I was not aware of that, my mistake. They come with the CQB-R as a package only. If you only want the batteries try PMing me with an offer, but I cannot make any promises. Nothing should be modified unless indicated.
  9. EXTERNALS 1.) MadBull one piece outer barrel - PRICE DROP $25 2.) M4 Offset Rail (Flashlight) Plastic Handguards - $10 3.) M4 gas block (Element) - $10 4.) G&P Delta Ring - $10 5.) DD Lite 10” Rail DarkEarth - SOLD 6.) 2 black metal M4 flashhiders - $ 5/flash 7.) Noveske Barrel - PRICE DROP $30 8.) M4 Front Sight - $10 9.) Madbull MAX Tactical RAS Rail Fix Mount Kit Scope Riser Mount (black) - $25 10.) 4 MadBull MAX Black Rubber Rail Covers - $10 11.) 4 sides Matrix/Echo 1 Transformer Module Rail Covers - $10 - http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=30303 12.) 4 sides Special Force Tactical Hand Guards black - $10 - http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=26637 13.) TM Velocity Reducer - $10 - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=302 14.) High Quality Green Laser - $100 MAGAZINES 1.) 6 pmag stubby magpul mags (locap) - SOLD 2.) 1 thermal mag (midcap) - $15/mag 3.) 1 magpul pts pmag with bullet windows (120rd Mid) - SOLD 4.) TM AKS-74u Recoil Magazine – Included w/gun 5.) WE PDW GBB Magazine - SOLD 6.) M4 Magazine Clip - $15 7.) 2 hicap metal m4 std (either G&P or TM – not JG I do not buy low quality) - $20/both 8.) TM M4/CQB-R Recoil Mags – Included w/gun 9.) 2 locap metal m4 std (either G&P or TM – not JG I do not buy low quality) - $20/both 10.) 6 SPAS-12 Shell Magazines - SOLD 11.) 2 WE G39 GBB Magazines (never fired, no leaks) - $30/mag or $50/both. 12.) 3 FDE Magpul Mag assist - $5/all INTERNALS 1.) Energy Hop Packing - $5 2.) G&P Copper Shim set - $5 3.) TM SR-16 stock internals - $10 4.) PROMETHEUS M4 363mm 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel - SOLD 5.) MADBULL M4 363mm 6.03mm Precision Barrel - $30 - never fired BATTERIES & CHARGERS 2 nunchuck - 9.6v 1400mAh intellect battery - $20 - 9.6v 1600mAh intellect battery - $20 3 mini - 8.4v 1600mAh - $20 - 8.4v 600mAh - $20 - 8.4v 1600mAh intellect - $20 1.) Quasar Pro Charger - $120 (these are $200+ new and this has been used only a handful of times – includes all attachments) 2.) IC Hitech 2.4-12 Volt NiCd/NiMH Battery Pack Charger - $15 (http://www.batterymart.com/p-2_4-12v-nicd-nimh-battery-charger.html?device=c&network=g&matchtype=&gclid=CNLe9pnxrrkCFe1_Qgodw1YA7Q) 3.) Generic Wall Charger - $5 4.) Radioshack Charger - $10 5.) dPower Universal Smart Charger - $10 GEAR & BB's 1.) Revision Desert Locust Goggles with face cheek/mouth guard - $45 2.) Removed 3.) Accessory Bag - $10 4.) 3 BB Loaders - $3/loader 5.) 1 XL BB Loader - $7/loader
  10. WE PDW Open Bolt w/2 mags - SOLD - BNIB – Never fired other than to verify gun functions. - comes with original sights - 1 gas mag PDW style - 1 gas mag m4 style for an extra $20 G&P Sentry Magpul upper/VLTOR lower - $350/380 shipped - Stubby foregrip - 3 sides stock rubber rail covers - full trademarks - 1 thermal magpul mag (midcap) - purchased from here & never fired: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/GandP-Ma...36-t221382.html - Seen less than 10k rounds. - The internals are somewhat stock but include: -an SHS 7 metal tooth piston short-stroked by 2 teeth -an XYT bevel gear (the G&P one only had 2 ARL notches which was annoying, so OS replaced it) -a 3034 Mosfet with 25a HunterSeeker Armories Polyfuse -ACM ported cylinder -one of the bearings was replaced with an element one - The gun chronos around 310 fps and the rof is in the mid 20's on a 9.6v 1600mah (see video in original thread). - It comes with a shattered 4 reticle sight (Mainly for looks, I have no need for it). It also has some grip tape on the pistol grip and fore grip, but that should be somewhat easy to get off if you don't like it. KWA SR-10 - PRICE DROP $250 - BNIB - Never been fired other than testing at AirsoftGI. - 1 metal m4 locap mag - Includes a black Vertical FG that has a stripped screw (can be glued down if desired) SIGHTS & ACCESSORIES 1.) H&K barrel extension CCW - $50 Genuine trademarks 2.) MadBull Gemtech Blackside Barrel Extension - $30 - http://www.airsoftstation.com/mad-bull-gem...ion--black.html - 14mm CCW thread 3.) Matrix 14mm Light Weight Airsoft Mock Silencer / Barrel Extension - 30 X 230mm (NATO) - $30 - Light Weight Slim Silencer with clockwise and anticlockwise thread. Length : 230mm Diameter : 30mm Thread : 14mm+ and 14mm- 4.) CA one touch silencer QD - SOLD 5.) Magpul PTS AFG (Black) - $25 6.) Shattered AIM 4-reticle sight included with G&P Sentry. 7.) AMP Tactical Full Metal 4x Magnification Illuminated Red & Green Dot ACOG Replica - SOLD 8.) G&P AIMPOINT with cantilever mount and rubber flip-up covers -$100 - normally comes without mount - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=1614 9.) G&P T-1 Micro Red/Green Dot Sight w/ QD High Mount (Black) - SOLD 10.) Black VFG with stripped tightening screw included with KWA SR-10 11.) G&P replica EOTech - $80 PRICE DROP NOW $40 - comes with a large number of batteries replica EOTech FTS 3x Magnifier - SOLD 12.) z Leapers 30mm 4-16X50 Full Size A.O. Range Estimating Mil-Dot Glass Reticle Illuminated Zero Locking/Resetting Scope – Flip up Covers and Extended Sun Shade - $80 - SOLD 13.) 2 bungee slings – 1 black, 1 OD - $15 per sling
  11. RARE GUN SALE Hi Guys, Most of these guns were purchased with the intention of using them in an independent film. This film was never greenlit and they are sitting in my storage unit. Only a couple of these guns have ever been fired. If you see anything that is overpriced, feel free to PM me about the item. More than likely this is an item I am planning on hanging on to, but will let go for the right price. The weapon list is as follows (scroll down for details & more pix): 1.Tokyo Marui CQB-R EBB 2.Tokyo Marui AKS74U EBB 3.Tokyo Marui FNP-90 4.Tokyo Marui SPAS-12 5.Magpul PTS Masada 6.WE G39C 7.WE PDW (Open Bolt) 8.G&P Sentry Magpul Upper/VLTOR Lower 9.KWA SR-10 ----NO TRADES---- Rules 1. NO TRADES 2. Don't threadcrap. If you have a problem with my thread, PM me or get out. 3. Make an offer, I am willing to negotiate. 4. I guarantee all items in working condition UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE in sale thread (some of the accessories may have issues). ---Asking for Paypal feels is against both ours and Paypals rules. Taken a couple days earlier GUNS TM CQB-R RECOIL Package - $1000 - BNIB – Never fired other than to verify gun functions. - 10 Mags - 2 or 3 are hicaps - 3 batteries - 3 charger adapters - Alternative upper with 15” barrel, carry handle - 1 stubby FDE foregrip - Extra charging handle and slightly upgraded spring/piston (~330fps) - TM Barrel Lock Shim Set - Wolf Armoury Barrel wrench - Full trademarks - 2 bags black Magpul XTM rail covers AND 2 bags FDE Magpul XTM rail covers - (Pairs nicely with Prometheus TBB for sale below) TM AKS74U RECOIL w/2 mags - PRICE DROP $400 - BNIB – Never fired other than to verify gun functions. - 1 locap (orange) - 1 hicap (black) - full trademarks - discontinued TM P90 - SOLD - 1 locap - 1 hicap - one of the front iron sights is chipped/snapped. - full trademarks TM SPAS-12 - SOLD - 1 shell - Sold out everywhere - 6 shells for an extra $20 Magpul PTS ACR Masada Package - PRICE DROP $400 This is the original PTS ACR (NOT Sportline) - I painted the trades with nailpolish - easily removed with nailpolish remover :) - Airsoftpro.cz Masada aluminum sealing nozzle - IS Improved Hope Bucking (Soft) – this combination of bucking and sealing nozzle is known to be the most effective upgrade to the PTS masada one can make, resulting in tighter groupings and greater range. - Both Retractable and Cheek rest stocks - Foregrip - Bottom Rail - Flip-up sites - Custom Flashhider (?) - Full trademarks - 1 magpul pts mag with bullet windows (120rd Mid)
  12. Please send me more info on the TSD I am very interested. Range? Accuracy? What typ of bbs do you fire? How hard is the bol pull? Tell me more about the wax? What material is the gun mad of? Is it sturdy lik a g&p armlite or flexible like a psg1? I also need more images and closeups Thanks
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