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  1. o.O That's odd. anyways, anybody have any other m4 suggestions? My choice feels a bit limited.
  2. lol <AT> ebay link. I found the same spring on airsoftgi, if I do need a spring I'll get it there. It feels safer getting it from ASGI than ebay.. I do still feel a bit iffy opening my gearbox :s. The gun looks easy but the gearbox...I think I might cry if I break that. xD
  3. the barrel wrench is for installing the m4 challenge kit. It's for one part.
  4. Could of sworn it said torx in the video.. but I know I don't have a barrel wrench :x. Anyways this..? http://cgi.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/Prometheus-MS90-AEG-Sp...=item19b7683e09 and what kind of grease should I get?
  5. alright, the spring replacement is a killer though because I will need grease, a new spring and a torx screwdriver. That adds up a bit :x.
  6. Yeah the gun installation video was made it seem really, really easy. I'm good with building stuff, as long as the directions are clear.. What kind of spring would I need for the gearbox in order for it to be under 350fps? Couldn't I just take the spring out and somehow 'compress' it so it loosens up?
  7. ah silly me! Okay I see some cheaper batteries... however the fps is a bit high. 360-390 fps. I'm guessing I'd need a spring replacement?(since I am aiming for a gun under 350fps..) Would I be able to do that myself?
  8. Yeah here we go again xD! But this time..I'm set on a m4..the other thread I kept jumping between guns...but looking at the m4, sure it's common, but it's common for a reason. I think this will be a good first time gun. the g&g you showed with the plastic rails is out of stock ): nice battery but it's a expensive and I don't need that high mah in a battery, something around 3 hours is good. I would try to get a 2000mah battery right? I'm really liking this put together kit..there internals aren't crap though right..? is shipping free from evike?
  9. Hey I made another thread but it got really long and confusing because I kept switching. I hope that isn't a problem.. I have come to the conclusion though that maybe it's best to get an m4. It's good looking and since it's popular, it should have a lot of external upgrades available.. I have my eyes on two guns, SRC m4 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=7302 g&g combat machine m4.. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=4587 there is a limited time package on airsoftgi.. the black version already sold out(waaaa) but there is still a tan version.. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=7660 The tan isn't as pretty, but, would tan be good for a cqb field or it would stick out and make other's easier to see me? I would problem in the future spray paint it black or a darker brown..or maybe some sort of camo design...would this be a bad idea? or does spray paint look ugly or make it really shiny or something? Anyways, the g&g I have heard bad things about the original models but good ones about the newer ones..it's a great price too. the src seems to be a decent brand but is it as good as g&g..? the gun is also a bit more expensive... and I don't know how much better, or if it's better than the g&g..thanks! Any other m4's out there that are cheap..? I need something under 350 fps..preferably black, good internals and good ROF. Thanks! hey again, for the combat machine...would this battery work? http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=24476 I'd prefer ordering off airsoftgi..but the price is decent.
  10. I think the m4 is more suited for me. seems like it has better insides than the jg's, and plus it's a m4 it will help me with modifications. the m4 is 140 without battery there is a bundle that includes a g&g 9.6 1400mah battery for a total of 155 however, the 140 and 155 version just went out of stock on airsoftgi right now..I got owned? any good alternative sites or when does airsoftgi restock? nvm the reg 140 restocked but the batter bundle didn't :(. What would be a good brand for batteries and smart chargers? Any good deals on 9.6 volt batteries and smart chargers? I would need a specific type of connector though right? How do I find this out?
  11. Well since I'll be going cqb, then maybe I shouldn't get the g36k cause of it's longer barrel and scope. The g36c is a nice gun and I could see myself using it. What do you mean...QC? I also fear that the g36c's spring may be too high...is this easy to change yourself as the airsoft store near me charges 50 bucks for spring installation... I'm honestly torn between the g36c and m4 :/. the g36c is a bit more rare though, right? What do you mean, reshimmed?
  12. Okay thanks. g&g internals are better than JG ones though so g&g would last in theory, longer? the g36 series from jg I heard was good but echo 1 makes 'upgraded' versions of jg's g36 series so maybe there is something internally that isn't good? I mean I see no echo 1 combat machines.. The m4 has copper bushings.. is that bad?
  13. 1400mah is like 3-4 hours right?
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