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  1. nice thank you for the info :)
  2. Hi there I wanted to get your opinion on what the minimum indoor area per player should be and what the optimal area should be in sq ft?
  3. Does anyone know who's the US distributor for G&G Combat Machine series. I've tried G&Gs' homepage but there are no info to be found there. I only ask because I'm aiming to buy like two dozen guns.
  4. they are both sweet. I fear the M4A1 would probably be to powerful since I'm pretty sure the CQB FPS limit will be close to 350 when Airsoft will be allowed. But I really like the M4 CQB too bad the Battery,,charger, pellets, gun package didn't get to good reviews otherwise I would be done searching. Thx for all the help. I've noticed that no-one ever mentions ICS as a possible match for my needs, from reviews and general talk on the web they seem to have potentials to meet my demands. Am I incorrect on that one?
  5. ok so avoid pot metal, got it you say in this price range, do you know about anything more expensive but still offers more for the money then the price range I've already mentioned? Also if this where your idea what would you choose given my situation?
  6. Sweet thanks for pointing me in the right direction. In case that the politicians will not go for the metal body is there any other option? Like polycarbonate perhaps?
  7. Hi there I'm new to this forum and to airsoft, goes without saying, but before I get started I just want to point out few things that I feel need to follow my question. Where I live Airsoft is not allowed, neither for private usage nor for business purposes. This fact I seek to change but in order to do so I need information about pretty much everything related to Airsoft. So please keep that in mind before flaming because of newbie questions. Our legal system makes it pretty much impossible for citizens to own a airgun - a replica or not but not so many years ago some changes where made that allowed specialized paintball clubs/teams and businesses to own paintball guns. This is the precedent that I needed for my argument why airsoft should also be allowed. So summing it up. Have NO experience of Airsoft, still wish be an entrepreneur and import the airsoft culture to my home country and open a business dedicated to it. So this is what I need. I need 40 pieces of a gun that fits these criteria 1. Price Range - lets say <250 as a guidance most of all I need something that is durable, easily maintained that does not crack easily since they will be rental. I say 250 but I am open for other suggestions since these guns I'll only use to build up the business. Preferably an AGE. Could be that there will be an fps limit when I get the green light so several options are fine by me. 2. Play Style Like I said the idea is to rent out the guns so something that covers pretty much everything if there is such a gun. 3. Play Area Most likely it will be an old warehouse with the area of 7500 - 8600 sq ft 4. Style Preference Naturally the more authentic looking the better. Something like the standard assault rifles M4 M16, P-90, AK 47, G36c you know the classics, something that offers the possibility of extra mags clips. No need for massive upgrades. the only upgrades I'd be interested in would be concerning the mag clips and battery upgrades. I'd like to send my thanks in advance for any held I'll receive in this forum The Seeker of knowledge
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