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  1. To the top, I will negotiate on the AEG prices.
  2. Bump, few items sold, Im willing to bargain on AEGs! Also, mystery box price lowered to $100.
  3. Hi everyone, This will be my second attempt at selling my stuff, and I am going to make my prices as low as possible to try and sell off my stuff. Rules: - Shipping is included in all prices, unless your location would call for higher shipping. - I will entertain all offers, unless you are just being a troll. - I will guarantee all guns by offering to pay for the repair of any malfunctions you encounter up to 30 days after receiving the item. - No returns will be accepted unless something goes wrong on my part and we both a agree a return and refund would be appropriate. - I am attempting to be as generous as possible, so please do not give me a hard time if I don't deserve it. - I am willing to answer any questions you have for me by PM. - More pictures are available upon request. - If anybody sees me breaking any forum rules in this thread, please notify me ASAP so that I can fix it. (any orange zip ties on flash hiders are for ebay pictures) Trades: - Only trade I will accept is a BNIB iPad mini Now for the stuff, First is my pride and joy, I have received numerous compliments for this gun on the field. It kicks harder than my .22 and is very fun to shoot, especially during a match. G&P M4A1 GBBR WOC challenge kit with a few upgrades Parts list: - G&P WOC Challenge kit - G&P LaRue Rail system - Iron Airsoft 11in LaRue Barrel - PDI 6.01 TBB - G&P negative pressure bolt - upgraded spring set - 5KU Hi recoil buffer and spring - Magpul PTS blackout flash hider - ACM EoTech 552 with zeroing problems and crack in rear screen and Functioning AMP reg green 4x mag acog sight -UTG LED flashlight ( I pictured the wrong flashlight, the UTG is much nicer and has a pressure pad) - ACM Magpul furniture, All mags will come with real steel magpuls. Front MBUS has a paper clip holding the flip up part down, it isnt too noticeable - 3 mags, each with various problems Price: SOLD Pic: Next is my first project gun, which is now a very capable CQB M4. It was built from scratch using some of the best parts available at the time (2 years ago) , and has come a long way since then. It has an exceptional rate of fire using a 9.6V batt or a 7.4 LiPo. The ROF is VERY high with an 11.1, but I would recommend the installation of solid bushings before using an 11.1. Parts list: -Gearbox Started as a complete Systema Turbo gearbox Modify high speed gear set Systema M100 spring System Supercore piston with Systema head G&G wire set systema ball bearing bushings and shims Bravo Xyclone high speed motor -Other stuff G&P magpul metal body ACM magpul MOE stock with battery pouch Magpul PTS MOE pistol grip element Aimpoint trademarked M2 scope with killflash Ambidextrous mag release Madbul Daniel Defense 7 in Omega X rail Noveske 10in barrel Element Vltor flip up front sight Magpul PTS AFG and rail covers Element surefire light as pictured with WOC Madbull Gemtech G5 flashhider and QD supressor Metal hop up and madbull blue bucking Airsoft GI 6.01 TBB Price: $450 shipped Pics: G&G G4A1 modified as a DMR Parts list: - Stock airsoft Gi gearbox, blowback unit removed - Echo1 Crane stock - Leapers 3-9x50 scope - Madbull noveske 12in RIS - 14.5in barrel - Element blackwater supressor - 6.01 tightbore that extends into the supressor, Airsoft Gi brand - G&G foregrip - Aim sports bipod - UTG xenon flashlight Price: $300 shipped Pics: http://s382.photobucket.com/user/DVA4444/m...sort=3&o=15 Tokyo Marui Glock 26 Complete stock one good mag Price: SOLD Pic: Ideal FAST helmet replica, Element sordin sound amplifying headsets with PTT SOLD pics: Condor MPS plate carrier Price: SOLD Pic: Tru- Spec multicam pants small/regular SOLD pic: Assorted tactical gear: Hydration carrier with water pouch: SOLD Zan Nylon facemask: $10 shipped Universal drop leg holster: $20 shipped Dual pistol mag pouches: $8 shipped each BLACKHAWK! serpa holster: $25 shipped Tan dump pouch: $10 shipped pics: Revision Desert locust goggles with sun-shaded lens : $45 shipped pic:
  4. Bump, some interest, removed boneyard guns from list due to realizing I don't really have any boneyard guns that anybody would want...
  5. I have tried selling stuff outright but I have ALOT of stuff... And I hate taking pictures then putting them on photo bucket... It just takes time lol. Also Please Please Please PM me because I don't really check on the thread.
  6. I am still trying to sell all my stuff so I can fund new hobbies. I feel the best way I will be able to accomplish this is by selling mystery boxes. Here is how I am doing this, I will be selling boxes for $50 and $100, you can message me with interest and let me know which you would like. Things will include AEG m4 parts, GBBR m4 parts, GBB pistol parts (don't have many), tactical gear, a KJW p226, and whatever else I feel the buyer would be happy to receive. Here are my rules and such: In the boxes, I guarantee to give you more than you pay for. When you contact me, feel free to tell me what kind of gun you have and I will try and give you things that will be useful to you. If you feel unsatisfied with what you receive, message me. If I think you are right and I accidentally gave you less than what you payed for, I will refund you. However, if I think that I did give you what I promised, more than what you payed for, than I most likely will not refund you, however, I will try and work something out to make you happy. P.S. (mostly for admins) - I could not find any rules regarding mystery boxes and how such a hread should be formatted, if there are any problems with this pleases send me a P.M. so I can fix the problem.
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