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  1. True, but the CM RK47 needs improvement. IMO, it needs to use VFC takedown and lose the plasitc body. Plastic is fine on an Armalite, but heresy on a Kalshnikov.
  2. Alright, I always used the acronym ACM (All China Made). Either way, I'll be keeping an eye on Javelin, they look quite promising.
  3. OH, I thought that you were referring to the CM RK47. But yes, for an M4 in his price range, the CM is the only way to go.
  4. Three mags? I did not know that. It only seems as if it comes with one. Either way, the G&G CM is Tm-based (which isn't that bad). It's not so easy to work on as a late-gen CYMA. Again, the CM is still good: It simply lacks a lot of features that make an AK an AK. It simply seems like G&G made a differently-shaped M4 instead of creating a true AK. The CM is too pretty. Although there's nothing wrong with polymer bodies, I think that they should stay off of my AK. And by the way, all of the AKs that I mentioned have pretty durable metal bodies. The receivers of all the AKs that I mentioned are steel.
  5. Looking for an SE Michigan resident? Here I come, hailing from Northville. I'd recommend an Ak replica, as they use the more durable V3 gearbox. CYMA and Dboys make some of the best in your price range. CYMA has more durable innards, Dboys has more durable externals. The Cm048, CM050, and CM040 use real-steel takedown, which is easier than the TM-style takedown. Neither takedown is all that hard.
  6. There's no knowledge about the KA yet, so I'll hold off. Here's my problem though: I have heard that V2 gearboxes fail in cold weather, and I live in Michigan. About your comment about preferred style, my absolute favorite RS firearm is the F2000. That sucks because G&G costs too much and JLS sucks. Next is the AK. Yesterday, I nearly went mad taking apart the CM028 that I have for plinking, so that rules out most of CYMA's Kalashnikovs due to their TM architecture. That leaves the option of 1. Getting a CM048 or a Dboys AK 2. Getting an Armalite. The CM048's velocity is a non-issue now, as I have a CYMA GB that shoots 370 on hand. Is the body of the CM048 (primary concerns are the stock tangs and the wood) durable? DB's poor GB is also a non-issue as I have a CYMA one. What would be my best bet in this position?
  7. Whatever, we all make mistakes. I have decided to get one of three series/brands of AEG 1. ICS Sportline- Inexpensive, easy to work on, reliable. 2. Classic Army Sportline- Inexpensive, Supposedly very good internally and externally superb. 3. King Arms M4- Inexpensive, from a highly regarded manufacturer, supposedly quite lifelike. Comments and suggestions are welcome, as that will help me decide.
  8. How are the internals of Classic Army sportline replicas? My budget for this is 230-250 for an AEG, a battery, a charger, and BBs. I already have eye protection. I may try out a Javelin AEG and report back to you guys, but that would likely be bad idea for a few reasons. Mainly because the AEG that they rebrand, the APS lineup, was known for poor quality. Although there are rumors that they've improved, no one's verified that.
  9. As I have just learned, the team that plans to accept me only allows Armalites or M249s, so would a CA M16VN or M16A2 suffice? How are G&G M16 replicas?
  10. Believe me, CYMA AK replicas can come shooting WAY hot. 470 in some cases. How's Javelin doing in terms of quality?
  11. So, I recently came across a company called Javelin (rebrand of APS). Some say that they suck (Just like every Gen1, eh?), but I see a few very positive reviews. In fact, some see them as the new leader of the budget AEG pack. I currently see them as the ideal budget AEG. Then again, I wouldn't know. I would like to ask if the CURRENT generation is a decent source of budget-ish AEGs.
  12. Seeing as I'll be a SDG (Squad Designated Grunt), I'll probably get a "Plain Jane" M4/M16. So: ICS Polymer Series, or G&G Combat Machine? The main problem is internal durability, as I have heard that CM internals have become lower quality since their release. It also appears as if this guy: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=7783 found his way onto ASGI. Any ideas on quality? Additionally, what would be a good AK in the sub-230 club that shots under 400FPS?
  13. By domestic, I meant from a US distributor (ASGI, Eyike, and such). A business gun, in my definition, is a gun that functions better without "custom this, custom that, rails up the wahzoo, etc, etc" and instead looks and functions better in absolutely stock configuration. Stuff like the G3, AK, and Thompson (blast from the past, eh?). Essentially, a rifle that is made to shoot people [with BBs], not look good. Other than that, style matters not. As mentioned before, Let's try to keep the price under 230.
  14. Kind of a follow-up to my previous post here, but what would be a good "business rifle" for a beginner? I really would rather sink money into more important things like loadout expansion and reliability upgrades as opposed to shiny tacticrap to dangle from my rifle. I can spend up to 200 USD, maybe 230. Also note that I plan to buy domestic, so that rules out a couple of brands.
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