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  1. So I'm thinking about an HK 417 but mags are not on the market and when they do they will be expensive and bulky. MagPul makes 7.62 Pmags that are relatively cheap and slim and I heard the real HK takes them. the VFC SCAR H took them with some simple deremmel work but will this? I've looked it up and everyone asked before realase but even after no one seems to have tried it or figured it out. Has anyone here tried it or know if any existing mags fit it? Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. I have a we scar I am looking to sell it is in good shape and I know you said you don't want accessories but if you wanted an extra mag I have one I will sell it for 200 but I am open to offers
  3. if you are still looking I have one that is maybe 3 months old at the most exellent condition it does have a scratch or a scuff here and there but nothing major
  4. we has made a g39c, then a g39k, then the full size battle rifle with bipod handgrip, all you need is the stock the barrel and the scope and you have possibly the best gun in the world. couldnt they put in a little more, I mean, there more than halfway there!
  5. its in the title I tore my bucking and need a new one. can I use a regular aeg bucking? Thanks,
  6. I have a tan a&k masada ill give you the original parts but I have dmr upgrades into it
  7. I have a tan one with original and dmr upgrades pm me if your interested
  8. the $480 pts one not the a&k one right? cuz I have an a&k but ii doubt u wanna trade such a nice gun for it but if ur interested its upgraded with a matrix 6.01 tightbore 590mm and a silencer to cover it also 4 50rd short midcaps. ill give you the original internals and mag too
  9. long version, id like black, and must be under $400, it doesnt need to have any upgrades or battery. also I will trade a we scar or a a&k masada upgraded to a dmr, or an echo 1 ak and some money. pm or comment and ill post a picture of any of the guns Thanks
  10. I'm not really into classic airsoft but I thought it was worth mentioning that polar star made a gun and a v2 gb conversion kit. it uses a different system than other classic it uses a dual electronic regulator so that you can change rof and fps independently. also you can set it at semi only or adjustable burst that stops when you stop pulling the trigger. last but not least it puts out a greater volume of gas for very extended dmr barrels. don't flame but im not sure it qualifies as classic because its new and in production
  11. get in iron face its like nothings there but completely protests you. you just can't wear it at jericho assuming you're a minor
  12. I own an iron face because most airsoft fields require full face and its the best option as it doesn't get in the way but apparently jericho is retarded and does not allow minors to wear anything but a one piece paintball mask so if you are under 18 say goodbye to aiming or properly shouldering your gun. The Unicorn(callsign)
  13. will this fit an A&K masada? in oyher words can it use its own selector switch and do the make a sr25 style airnozzle preferably in the dmr increased air volume variant?
  14. idk about tou but I disasembled the gun didnt remove the gb but the selector switch was sticky the screw in the stock was to tight I loosened it quite abit and it worked fine. its probly the gb but try that also I want to put a polar star fusion hpa electro pnuematic gb in min anyone know if it will fit
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