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  1. Here's a result: All done with a $40 dremel tool -Chris
  2. I second the bar 10/vsr clone rifles. I have owned both VSR , L96 and APS2 and the most effective rifle on the field for me is the VSR series. There are a plethora of parts for them. Also, if you're lucky enough to find used upgraded parts, you you can build an awesome rifle for half the price of new. -Chris
  3. Do not buy AGM rifles. Most of their parts are not compatible with upgrades. -Chris
  4. Easy. L96 VSR/BAR 10 They have the most upgrades on the market and are the most reliable rifles. -Chris
  5. That trigger should be able to handle the strongest spring on the market (PDI SS5000). So it will easily handle the 250% spring. As for the spring guide, you only need to get a bore-up spring guide if you go for the whole bore-up setup (Cylinder, piston, receiver, etc...). And yes, you will need a 90 degree piston if you go with the V-Trigger or any other 90 degree sear trigger system.
  6. You will need a trigger system that has a metal housing. I believe UTG still stocks their L96's with plastic housings.... -Chris
  7. Get your deans plugs from eBay. Super cheap and usually free shipping too. As for your piston, try using a piece of a mouse pad cut to shape. -Chris
  8. Harris Bipod Sold Angel Custom L96 Sears Sold
  9. I have 2 sniper rifles for sale here. I'm kinda testing the waters on these to see if I get any interest. (Prices listed below are what I paid for the item and then my asking price at the bottom): Snow wolf Barrett M99: Rifle - $190 Classic Army Cylinder Set - $100 Laylax Aluminum 3-Element Piston - $55 Laylax Accuracy Piston Cup - $22 Laylax Aluminum Spring Guide (7mm & 9mm) - $45 Laylax SP190 Spring - $20 Will also include all stock components! Total - $432 Asking - $275 UTG L96: Rifle - $160 Angel Custom Aluminum 3-Element Piston - $40 Angel Custom Accuracy Piston Cup - $16 Angel Custom Aluminum Spring Guide (7mm & 9mm) - $25 Angel Custom SP 170 spring - $15 WELL MB01 Metal Trigger System - $30 Laylax 14mm Silencer Adapter - $10 Leapers 3X 40mm Scope - $50 Will also include all stock components! Total - $396 Asking - $200 Other Sniper Rifle Upgrades I have laying around: (2) (New in Package) Angel Custom 6.01 X 590mm AEG inner barrel - $48 - I'll take $35 shipped for each (1) (New in Package) PDI APS2 Hop Up Chamber - $75 - I'll take $60 shipped (1) (Never used)Guarder 70% AEG Bucking -$6 - I'll take $4 shipped (1) (New in Package)Guarder APS2 Piston Cup - $10 - I'll take $6 shipped (1) (Used)APS2 7mm Aluminum Spring Guide - $20 - I'll take $15 shipped For the rifles, I'd like to stay with local buyers first (Atlanta, Georgia). If nothing sells, then I'll consider shipping. Thanks for looking -Chris PM me for questions or for more pictures!
  10. False, Energy = 1/2 (Mass)X(Velocity)^2 Faster shots maintain higher velocities due to higher momentum: Momentum = Mass X Velocity -Chris
  11. What did you clean the bucking with? I only clean my bucking with warm soapy water. Absolutely DO NOT use silicon oil on the bucking. -Chris
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