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  1. bump for mags only everything else is gone
  2. bump for the 1911 flaming hog drum mag tommy gun mag everything else sold
  3. bump. I will let the kwa m93 be shipped to US for 140 if sold in the next 48 hours!
  4. bump -1911 -kwa 93 -drum mag -tommy gun mag all still for sale guys all brand new tommy gun mag used to test once
  5. bump. I have everything but the m9. I need the kwa gone :) its steal still brand new
  6. my kwa m16a2 is a beast. I get 22 bbps or 1320 bb per minute. and it clocks at about 420-426 every shot. its from evike but I know for my play style I like to have the long barrel. its longer than the s12. and has more rail space. and the outer barrel extension is really attractive. but either way pic what you like the look of most. I like the rails because I use a scope, vert grip rail covers and a small bi-pod. personally I like the full stock alot to fit a large type battery I have a 5000 mah 9.6 and a 3000mah lipo both are bricks and give me days worth of play so I never need to spend extra $ on small type custom batteries. only thing I might add is if you get the gun from evike it comes with 2 kwa 360 round mags. and for 5$ more you get 2, 460 round mags. so that should be plenty and you don't have to give your self a headache finding compatible mags for the kwa. as for weight the m16 will be lighter than the s12 because the s12 has metal front rails. preformance will pretty much be the same +- 12 fps due to the smaller or longer barrel you pic. the guns both can handle a 11.1v lipo stock. and will give you a great gun for you $$.... like I said earlier I like the full stock look as well as the economical battery compartment.
  7. bump. all great pistols and brand new mags shoot me some offers
  8. paypal or MO only no trades please no refunds of returns items are as stated shipping is not included Offers are welcome so please don't hesitate to pm for fastest reply I have a brand new Thompson highcap mag. I bought a extra when I had my TM Thompson. Im not sure when brand it is but its brand new. I mark I newest mags with the "x" as to try to save it for last or not use it to know I always have 1 fresh one. asking $20 1 brand new a&k sr-25 drum mag. has charger and pressure switch. I never have even put bb's in this. I just got the package today from asgi. I paid 70+ shipping asking $50 SALE PENDING KJW m9. great pistol. always well maintained. has 1 new mag and 1 mag that came with the gun when I got it. "The KJW M9 Tactical Master 2008 features a metal slide and frame. It is an improved model of the standard service pistol of the U.S. military. The ambidextrous safety is functional and it breaks down for maintenance in the same manner as its authentic counterpart. However, the new features include a rubberized grip with finer groves for an improved hand hold. At the base of the grip there is a loop for the attachment of a retention lanyard. The tactical rail on the frame enables the user to mount accessories like a pistol flashlight. This airsoft gun takes the proven design of the M9 and gives it the same flexibility as newer designs on the market." new it was 110 asking 80 WE 1911 GBB pistol this is the warrior edition with sand colored grips. this pistol is brand new with 2 perfectly new mags. has a threaded tip to fit a silencer. I will include the noveske for $20 it is brand new as well (http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=6930) new it is 103+30 for a mag. this is ther perfect milsim pistol with 14+1 mags looking for $90 or $110 with the flaming hog saved the best for last I just got this today! I have the receipt I will include with purchase and 45 day KWA warranty is good for 44 more days! KWA M93R W/ Metal Slide NS2 Model Airsoft Gun bought it from ASGi KWA M93R W/ Metal Slide NS2 Model Airsoft Gun and one extra ns2 mag. this gun is gorgeous but its not for me. only put 5-10 rounds through it. has a great feel to you I just cant put my finger on though. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=4560 it was chrono'd from air gi before it shipped and it got 376 on green gas and a .2 I got it for 170+40 for the extra mag looking for $170 for it OBO again not looking for trades just to find a new home for things I don't need/use -Zach
  9. anyone have any idea why the bb's want to go 5-10 feet?
  10. yeah just opened it up and the middle gear is missing haha. and it will not shoot semi more than 3-10 feet. it sounds fine but wont put full power to the bb. im going to call kwa tomorrow and ship it back out. maybe its a electrical problem? I even tried with no hop up on too
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