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  1. Awesome deal. Just picked up some that I needed. How would I contact you to have the o- rings installed?
  2. The title pretty much states it. I looking for standard or Hi capacity mags for a g17 that are tm compatible or g18 mags that are kwa/ksc compatible. The cheaper I can get them, them better. Thanks.
  3. I am looking for what the title says. I just want one that has good externals and a good gearbox shell. I don't care for the internals seeing as I am going to upgrade it all anyways. I am looking to spend around $50 or so for a de ump. I don't really care what brand it is as long as it is in the price range. Pm me with what you guys have.
  4. I am looking to trade for a TM Hi Capa 5.1. I have a KWA USP NS2 version with 3 magazines and a Javelin Gun Works M16 to trade for it. The USP has some use, but is in great condition. The M16 is pretty much brand new. I am hoping to trade for one that is black and preferably a metal slide. Extra mags will be a plus. PM me if you have what I am looking for.
  5. Please delete this thread. Item found.
  6. Still looking for most of the stuff on the list. I have bought some M9 mags, so I will no longer be needing to purchase more. The battery I have for trades is also gone.
  7. Hi everyone, I am looking for a few things. Everything I am looking for is pretty much in the topic description, but I will list it here. 1) 9.6V nimh battery that will fit in a CA crane stock. I want one wired to deans. A crane style battery or nunchuck style battery will work. Preferably nunchuck. 2) A tactical flashlight. Looking for one that hits 200 lumens or higher. A mount and batteries with it would be nice. 3) Any M9 magazine that will fit in a KJW M9, so any TM style mag. Looking for a propane or green gas mag, not CO2. 4) A save phace face mask. Looking for the Phantom style from the Tactical Diss series. I am looking specifically for this style. 5) Any smart charger that can charge nimh and nicd. I do not want a Hitech smart charger. I have a few things for trades if you are interested. I will list them below. 1) UTG L96 magazine 2) 9.6V 1600mah NiMH brick type battery wired to small tamiya. It is a small type battery. 3) Reflex sight with a battery. 4) A UTG 2 point sling. 5) COD: MW2 for PS3. (random nonairsoft item) I am not looking to pay too much for each item. I may be willing to pay more for the face mask and smart charger depending on the condition and quality. The only thing I really need is the battery at the moment. I can wait for the other stuff until I get a good offer. PM me with what you guys have.
  8. The title pretty much says it all. I am mainly looking for a kwa m4 ris. A kwa Sr10 would also be ok. A nice g&p or classic army would also be something I would consider. I do not want any clone brands really. I would also want the gun to have a ris system. Show me what you guys have.
  9. Hey, I was wondering what the length of the unknown brand R.I.S. was.
  10. Awesome. Thanks so much guys. The pliers worked tactical. Glad my $70 didn't go down the drain. I just got the gun with an extra extended mag today too. Oh and on that note. The gun is also releasing all the gas in one shot. Would anyone know how to fix that?
  11. Hey all. I got a KWA glock 19 as the title says. I got the slide locked in the back position. I can force it back in to its normal position, but I have to use a lot of force to do it. When it is cocked all the way back, what I think is the spring guide is bent downward. I can not take the slide off even if I try to force it. I was just wondering how to fix this. If someone could help me, it would be appreciated.
  12. As the title says, I am looking for a battery that will fit in a stock JG M4 s-system. If you got something that will fit and work then pm me.
  13. I guess I should have stated my budget. I am willing to pay up to $180 if I can sell my L96.
  14. I am looking to trade for an m4 preferably. I will add cash on top of the trade if needed. I have a utg l96 sniper with accessories. I also have video games. I will buy it straight up if the price is right. I will also be fine letting my sniper go for cash also. I will upload a picture later today and will send them upon request also.
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