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  1. Hi ASF, For those of you who don't know, Major9 Labs went out of business. This is your chance to pick up whats left. I have a substantial amount of items, including items from brands like TerminusX, HS5, SHS, Lonex, Scatterplot, and more. I started totaling up the package by each items MSRP (taken off GI and other similar sites), and I stopped counting at $524, with another box of Misc. parts left. The package will ship next day of payment received, and will ship via USPS priority. There are NO Refunds or Returns. I would usually post up a picture but well....its a mystery box I am asking for less than half the price, $250 shipped. Please PM me to buy. Thanks and farewell, Major9
  2. Orders are shipping out throughout the week of motors/etc. Some of you still need to send the follow up payment (you should have an email awaiting you, if not, email me at major9labs<AT>gmail.com). Like us on Facebook!! Bump!
  3. Yes, I can part out. Looking for $75 SHIPPED. Like us on Facebook!
  4. Hi EDI, There was a point there (about 3 days), where orders were unable to be processed. For the good of the customer, all orders during that time were refunded. That issue is now resolved, and like has been stated, its business as usual. Orders are constantly getting placed and filled....all is well. I apologize for the inconvenience. Best Regards, Major9
  5. Hi ASF, First, a few rules: 1. Sold AS IS. 2. No Refunds 3. No Returns 4. No Trades, unless you have an android tablet. 5. Paypal only. This is a UTG L96. It was used gently stock for about half a year, and then sold to me. I tinkered with it, and the magazine latch died, and the hop-up went through some...modification. Basically, it still cycles well, and is still functional with mods. Everything needed to function except the mag release is included, however the hop-up arm is separate. It currently has an R-hop patch installed, but without the hop-up arm installed, the bbs just drop immediately. This scope comes with a Simmons 3-9x40 scope, which was $80. Yes, it is silver. Yes, I do put electrical tape on it. It still works BEAUTIFULLY. I am looking for $75 + shipping (which is $20 anywhere in the US). I'll include 3 extra R-hop patches as well. So what you get: UTG L96 - $140 Simmons Scope - $80 Leupold Scope Rings - $15 1 Magazine 3 Rhop patches - $12 Total - $247 So you get what is essentially $247 of merchandise (obviously the L96 itself needs a new Mag Release, and possibly a new hop-up), for $75 + shipping. I would love to see this gone immediately. major9labs<AT>gmail.com Thanks!
  6. From my experience, the Deepfire has also had some problems blowing out the back tooth....if you do choose Deepfire, make sure to glue the rack down, and a swiss cheese wouldn't hurt. SHS is far cheaper, and arguably stronger...you would be a fool to buy the deepfire over it. "Titanium" seems to be a bit of a marketing ploy...much like "CNC". Last I checked they were just coated in titanium, and even that doesn't help much. The SHS piston rack will last as long...likely longer. -Major9
  7. It would also be worth your while to check if there are any frays in any of the wiring (possible shorts), as well as if the motor contacts are on (solder them!), and if the motor is in good working condition. Though airborne is correct, in that the problem likely lies in the trigger contacts. Best of Luck. -Major9
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